Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: MG 1/100 - Strike Freedom Gundam

x1 - Beam Shield
x2 - Beam Sabers
x2 - Beam Rifles
x2 - Rail Cannons
x8 - Dragoons
x1 - MG 1/100 Display Stand
x1 - Full Burst Display Stand

The MG 1/100 Strike Freedom Gundam is a great model kit as anyone would expect. It comes in full detail with a complete set of armament. You will see the back part of the legs open up for the thruster. The chest part also opens up for you to see the cockpit. Inside is a small figure of Kira Yamato sitting on the cockpit. Aside from that, there's also another small figure of Kira Yamato standing together with Lacus Clyne. Another thing is that the wings and some of the parts are coated in gold plating.

When it comes to the building process, we only had difficulty with the inner frame. The gold parts were thick and it's quite hard to remove the nub marks. But after that, the outer frame was easy enough to attach. Panel lining and decal application were needed for additional details. To be honest, we don't like the colors made on the regular decals. You could barely notice them, especially on the dark colored parts. Good thing the model also came with dry transfer decals. They are printed in silver and blends perfectly with the model's color. Now that's what you call decals. It really sets up the mood on the model.

It's armament include a Beam Shield, 2 Beam Sabers, 2 Beam Rifles, 2 Rail Cannons and 8 Dragoons.  The Beam Shield is detailed in clear blue and can be attached either on the left or right arm. Located on the hips are the Rail Cannons. It's connected by a ball joint and flips out during firing position. Together with the Rail Cannons is where the Beam Saber handles are being stored. The Beam Sabers are slightly bent which is kind of cool because it gives off a slashing effect. You could connect these two Beam Sabers to form a Double-bladed Beam Saber. But that's not the only armament you could combine. The 2 Beam Rifles can also connect together to form the Beam Cannon. On the wings, of course are the 8 Dragoons. They can easily slide in and out from each segment.

Articulation is great except for the arms and legs. Depending on how you handle the model, the arms can fall off easily from the shoulder. While the upper legs detaches easily from the waist if you move it quite often. It's actually hard to position this model without any parts falling. There's also some weight issue coming from the wings if you let the model stand on it's own. So as much as possible you may want to pose him on a display stand. Good thing the kit came with 2 display stands. One regular stand for the MG 1/100 model and an extra stand made exclusively for the Full Burst mode where you could place the Dragoons around the Strike Freedom. But we'll be discussing that on a later post. For now let's just focus on the model itself.

Overall,  the MG 1/100 Strike Freedom (Full Burst Mode) is a one of a kind of model kit. Without a doubt, it's one of the best MG model kit in terms of detail and feature. Any gunpla builder wouldn't miss out on this. It may have some flaws but it can be easily handled. This concludes our review for the model kit, but it's not over yet because we'll still be doing a follow up post exclusively for the Full Burst Mode. So look forward to that. Thanks for viewing and we hope you find it useful. You can click on the links below to know more about the box, frames, wings and armament of the kit.

Rating: 5 out of 5


  1. Any tips to make the figure stand it's own way without the action base like the picture above?

    1. The figure can stand on it's own without the action base. But you'll need to have an action base if you want to display it in a flight position. It would be hard to improvise due to the weight of the figure.

  2. Is there any differences between the standard and the Full Burst Mode besides it's action base? Mine's kinda hard to make it stand without touches a wall to make it stand properly.

    1. Both of them are the same. Advantage of the Full Burst Mode are the effect parts for the Dragoons and the action base.


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