Monday, June 27, 2011

Gundam Lego

Have you experienced during your childhood years of building something out of lego? That those pieces of blocks can really turn out into something cool depends on how creative you can get? 

And I thought it was just for making cars, buildings, houses, etc.

So after watching this video.... WOW

credit to torriares

So there are gundam model kits, paper crafts, carton boards and now lego.  This is the reason why it gets so exciting for a fan that you can choose different varieties that suit your taste to build your own gundam out of like anything.  

Another sample, the famous Strike Freedom Gundam

Found this on MOCpages.  Interesting community site where you can share your LEGO creations.  Credit to Mithryl Dlarix.  

-Sliding knee armor
-Cockpit for minifig in chest
-Rotating waist
-Bending toes
-Ability to go into HiMAT mode
-Detachable DRAGOON units
-Hip Railguns fold and rotate behind waist, revealing clips for rifles
-Rifles can be combined into one large rifle. 

I'd like to create this one someday!

There's also the classic RX 78-2 from the creator named GYUTA.  This one can do different postures, it also has 14 hatches which can be opened.

With an added mini pilot

If you want to teach a kid creativity, then buy him/her a lego kit.  


  1. Hey, thanks for posting my stuff here--I have done a version of the 00 Gundam as well, along with the 00 Seven Sword and the 00 Raiser ( I'm just looking at the background on this page). Keep up the great work here on this site!

  2. Please post, how to create a cockpit for that RX 78-2.


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