Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gundam Cosplay: RX-78-2

The first model of Gundam series cosplay. The RX-78-2 mobile suit created by Yoshiyuki Tomino in 1979 did its first apparition in Mobile Suit Gundam TV anime serie, considered the pioneer in "mecha" genre.

The cosplay development utilized three materials: EVA foam board for cosplay pieces (except the jet backpack, done in 3mm 750 gr/m² cardboard), 3mm 750 gr/m² cardboard for the structure parts and stiffiners, and vinyl for the coating.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gundam Collection: DX Series #2 1/400 Scale

These trading figures are sold in cases of 9 random figures.

#1 - S Gundam
#2 - FAZZ
#3 - Full Armour ZZ Gundam
#4 - Geymalk
#5 - Qubeley
#6 - Qubeley Mk. II
#7 - God Gundam
#8 - Psyco Gundam
#9 - Jagd-Doga
#10 - Doven-Wolf
#11 - Re-GZ + Back Weapon System
#12 - Master Gundam + Fuunsaiki
#13 - Super Gundam
#14 - Mega-Rider


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gundam Beam Saber

                                                                       JPN retail 4,743 JPY
- Gundam' beam saber in 1/12 scale the perfect size for holding in your hand!
- Three Play Modes!
  1. Normal Mode:  Lights up and makes sounds when swung at a target!
  2. Scenario Mode: Battle through seven stages, including confrontations with Zakus and Goufs, narrated by
      Amuro Ray voice actor Toru Furuya! Make it through the entire mode to unlock a special "Newtype
  3. Combat Mode: Similar to the Normal Mode, but a competition against a friend! Experience the sounds
      and vibrations of a beam saber battle!
- Includes a display stand, and an adapter for attaching it to the backpack of the HY2M 1/12 Scale RX-78
   Gundam (sold separately).
* Requires three AAA batteries (sold separately).

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gundam Lighter

This is another cool gundam stuff I found on the internet. They cost as low as $139, which is a bit too much for just a lighter. But the well-detailed designs make it worth it. These are just few of the gundam lighters. You will see more once you search the internet.

Char's Gelgoog
Zaku II
Psyco Gundam

Image source:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gunpla EX Model Checklist

             A gundam series wouldn't be complete without the mother ship from which the MS take off. They are termed as EX Models and like a gunpla you have to assemble them. They also have different scales as well. As of now, there are a total of 39 EX Models. I'll update the list if I find something new.

1/2400 (3)
- White Base
- Gwajin
- Zanjibal

1/1700 (13)
- Arbion
- Arbion (Limited Edition)
- Ahgama
- Ahgama (Limited Edition)
- Archangel
- Archangel (Limited Edition)
- Musai
- Eternal
- Eternal (Limited Edition)
- Mobile Armor Exass
- Salamis and Mazeran
- Minerva
- White Base

1/1200 (6)
- Musai
- Char's Musai
- White Base
- Gawoo
- Saramis
- Maze Ran

1/400 (3)
- Gundam Collection White Base
- Gundam Collection Musai
- Gundam Collection Ptolemaios

1/144 (14)
- Gundam Trailer Truck
- Doday Two
- Dopp Fighter
- S-Gundam Attacker
- Jet Core Booster
- Garma's Dopp
- Gunperry
- Luggun and Sealanth
- Gundam Seed Mecha Set 1
- Magella-Attack
- Samson Trailer
- La-Vie-En Rose
- Hildolfr


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Unbox: HG 1/144 - Bearguy



E, F, PE



Big cute eyes just hypnotized me into buying one.  I'm not expecting much since after seeing its parts, I think it can be easily build in one sitting.  It looks simple but I'm actually excited to see the result and how it's going to look like next to other HG models.  Bulky parts since it's a bear.  I'm just hoping that there's no loose parts once it's finished.  I hope that it can hold the flute (as shown in the anime where it fires a laser) and I wonder if you can change the eyes since it has three sets.  So I'm already expecting there isn't much articulations going on, other than you can turn its ears (for added cuteness I think ha!).  I actually wanted to see if the backpack opens up for the missiles.

It's kinda pricey for a simple HG model though.     

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gundam Motorcycle Helmets

If your a fan of gundam and likes to ride a motorcycle, then you will definitely love this mobile suit themed helmets. Not only will they give you protection, but they will also make you cool. Now all you need is a MS themed motorcycle.

Image Source:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gunpla Action Base Checklist

A great gunpla display wouldn't be complete without an Action Base. It allows the gunpla to fly and perform cool poses. They come in different versions, depending on what suits your gunpla. Take note that these action bases are made by Bandai. I'm sure there are other action bases that could be use for gunpla models.

Action Base 1
(Black / Gray / White / Clear / Spark Clear Green /
Celestial Being / Zeon / EFSF /  Char Ver.)
1/144 , 1/100

Action Base 1 Gundam UC
 (Unicorn / Sinanju Ver.)

Action Base 1 S.M.S. Ver.

Action Base 2
 (Black / Gray / Aqua Blue / Sparkle Clear Green & Red)

Action Base 3
1/144 , 1/100

Action Base Lightning Base Plate Type
(Red / Green / Blue)


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gundam Mobile Phone

This is what every Gundam fan needs.  Too bad it's a limited edition which came out mid-September 2010.  Of course, the design is inspired by the classic RX-78-2 Gundam.

Check it out.

Not just the phone but it also includes a unique stand and a gunpla of RX-78-2.

The stand is plain awesome.  You might just have it on display rather than using it.

The phone is based on Sharp's new model 945SH.  It has a 3.4 inch (854*480) full-wide VGA ASV LCD, a 1.4 inch (64*192) OLED sub-display, 12.1 mega pixel anti-shake autofocus camera.  It also contains pre-installed Gundam contents which adds coolness to the phone.

The 1/100 model kit is the first one to feature a "Metal in Frame".

The recharger doubles as a display base for the Gunpla which is really awesome.

This is released by SoftBank Corporation, a known telecommunication company in Japan.

Also comes with customized decals.

I've always wanted an anime or game themed cellphone, it's just too bad that once I discovered it, I'm already too late to order one.  
Images from Gigazine 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Unbox: RG 1/144 - RX-78-2 Gundam

Box cover
Side of the outer and inner box
Unbox  (10 runners, decals & booklet)
Instruction booklet
B - Inner frame


       This is my first time to build a RG and I choose the RX-78-2 since a lot of people are saying that it's more detailed compare to it's other scales. Other than that, I've been longing to have a RX-78-2 added to my gunpla collection and this is the next best thing I could get. It's definitely a great model kit at a reasonable price. You know it's gonna be great by just looking at the pictures of the cover and sides of the box. Inside the box are 10 runners, decals and a booklet. One of the runners even included a small pilot. There are a lot of decals which will prove that this RX-78-2 is indeed well-detailed. So I do have high expectations for this model kit. I'll start building on the RX-78-2 right away. But it may take me some time to finish since I'm busy with work. Still, look forward to it's completion. Thank you for reading my unbox post and I hope you found it helpful. If everything turns out great, I might just put the RG Aile Strike on my next target gunpla. Check out also my other unbox posts.

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