Friday, June 29, 2012

Gundam Happy Meal in Japan

Started on May 18, the McDonald's is serving the Gundam "Happy Meal" set that includes one of the eight Gundam Tryage cards.  The cards will feature mechas from Gundam AGE and Gundam UC anime series.

Gundam Tryage is a card-based RTS arcade game that was released from Bandai last year (2011).

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIP: RG 1/144 - Freedom Gundam (Part 2: Mid Frame)

This is the 2nd part of my update for the Freedom Gundam which tackles the mid frame or muscular system of the model. As you can see the model became more buffed, especially on the legs.

Boosters are attached on the back, arms and legs. There's a small space on the chest part which is obviously the cockpit. Too bad the pilot (Kira) figure that came with the kit wouldn't fit in there. A portion of the shoulder is also attached and thanks to that the arm doesn't fall off easily anymore. Hopefully it will tighten more once the outer frame is installed. I also applied bronze decals on the front elbow and back knee. I'm just hoping they won't fall off easily.

I tried moving the joints and all the parts seem remain intact. So far, so good for the model. Little by little it's starting to look like the Freedom. I can't wait to attach the outer frame. So look forward to it and thanks for viewing.

Check out my previous and next WIP:
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Part 3: Wings of Freedom

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gundam Energy Drinks

S.Cup is one of the popular energy drinks produced by SS Seiyaku (SSP Co., Ltd.) in Tokyo. 
So what kind of special powers does it give you when combined with the famous Mobile Suit Gundam? 

Not only does it give you a boost of energy, you'll also have a chance to win 1/48 scale Gold & Silver GunPla.  The Gundam Energy Drinks was launch last September 2011, so at that time these models are limited to 250 pieces only.

 The retail price of one bottle (100ml) in Japan is 153 yen (82php)

Source:  anime courtyard

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Toy Convention 2012 Day 3 (June 17)

How time flies and another Toy Convention is being held.  This time on three Megatrade Halls so expect that  there's going to be a lot of booths, toys and other attractions.  It's easy to roam around the place since there's still enough space.  There's a separate function room gallery wherein figures, scupltures and toys are being displayed for picture taking, kind of like a mini museum.

We didn't get to horde much since the ones we're looking for are either sold out or not yet available.  But one thing we happily purchased is the Kamen Rider W DX Driver Belt.  The price was not that bad and we're lucky to get our hands on it.

Hopefully, there will be a December ToyCon to make it up for the stuff we didn't get so we'll just have to prepare for it next time.

Function Room Gallery

This fella is the biggest fan of Kamen Rider Fourze.

Merchandises and other booths


Display Area

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