Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ozine Fest 2015 Day 3 (April 26)

This year, Ozine Fest is back in Megamall.  Last year they were in Mall of Asia.  This is convenient for us since it's not that far away.  But they included a new rule that there will be no loitering within the event grounds or taking pictures of the cosplayers.  So they set up in 3 Megatrade halls so that cosplayers were given enough space to fix themselves & room to take pictures.  It was very spacious although it's still crowded in the booth area so it's still difficult to check out every booth without bumping into someone.

There's still the usual Horror booth and Maid Cafe. But we only spend time shopping, taking a few pictures while we can and watching the band on stage playing some classic Anime/Toku openings in Filipino version which brings back a nostalgic feeling.

We didn't stay long so we didn't catch up other cosplayers & we missed the part wherein they put up the Anime tarpaulins for auction. But we still enjoyed our stay. 

Enjoy the pictures!

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