Friday, July 27, 2012

Gundam the 3D Battle

Type: Action
Platform: 3DS
Release date: 3/24/11 (JP)
Language: JP

Video uploader: kwonboa888
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WIP: RG 1/144 - Freedom Gundam (Part 4: Armament)

The armament of the Freedom is composed of a shield, beam rifle, 2 beam sabers, 2 rail cannons and 2 plasma beam cannons. I had a lot of fun building them which include panel lines and decals. They have their own unique functions and I'll be discussing each one of them.

Let's start with the shield. The size of the shield is enough to cover the upper body of the Freedom and is being held by the left arm. For the right arm, the Freedom is holding the beam rifle. It can also be stored at the back waist of the model. Just like most gundams, the Freedom make use of beam sabers as it's primary close range weapon. The model came with 2 beam sabers and the handles are stored on the hips. What makes them special is that you can connect them to form a back to back saber (more like a beam lance). But I find the beams too long. I still prefer the length of the typical HG beam saber.

On the hips are the rail cannons. They are flipped when stored and are extended during firing position. They also have handles for the Freedom to hold on to. Now the most powerful weapon of the Freedom would be the plasma beam cannons which are stored in the wings. They are flipped over the shoulders during shooting mode.

This concludes my armament review of the RG 1/144 - Freedom Gundam. Everything looks great and I can't wait to install it on the model. So look forward to the completion and final review of the model.

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