Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gunpla Checklist: Gundam 08 MS Platoon

           This is a gunpla checklist for the Gundam 08 MS Platoon series. I made this post to help those gunpla collectors in knowing how many model kits are there in the series and what models are available for each scale. This is a small gunpla series, but fun to collect. There's even a decent amount of MG. There are a total of 19 model kits for the Gundam 08 MS Platoon series.

1/144 EX Model (1)
- Jet Core Booster

1/144 LM (1)
- Ball

1/144 HG (7)
- Gundam Ez-8
- GM
- GM Sniper
- Gouf Custom
- Gouf Flight Type
- Zaku II
- Gundam vs Zaku II

1/144 HGUC (3)
#079 - Gundam Ground Type
#117 - Gouf Custom
#### - Gundam Ground Type (The Ground War Set)

1/100 MG (7)
- Gundam Ez8
- Gundam Ground Type
- Gundam Ground Type (w/ Clear Kit)
- Gouf Custom
- Gouf Custom (w/ Clear Kit)
- GM Sniper
- Ball (08MS Ver.)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gundam Ice Sculpture

Ice sculpture is the best, one thing I would like to see how it is done personally.  Another added collection in my search for various artistic versions of making a Gundam.

Since it's a hot weather here in my country right now, I decided to post it to cool myself down.  So far these are the ones I find it cool.

Gundam Unicorn is done by Brian Farrell.  This is the first one I've seen with an added touch of color on an ice.  Now how did he put that?

The famous RX-78-2 .  This one is done during the Sapporo Snow Festival last 2010.  How about having it displayed on a buffet table?  

Also part of the Sapporo Snow Festival 2010.  Wow I wonder how long it takes to mold its shape from snow?  Much better than having a snowman display outside your home.

Now we have seen a lot of different gundam models. There's the lego, paper model, recycled, cardboard and the ice sculpture. I wonder what's next?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs.

Genre: Fighting
Platform: Arcade
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: Sept. 28, 2010

Image source:


                  Gundam Extreme VS. is the best gundam game I've seen on the arcade. It's the 8th installment to the Gundam VS. series and hopefully not the last. What makes this special is that it's made with the partnership of Capcom and Namco Bandai Games. Two big companies joining together to make the best gundam fighting game. The Capcom is the developer, while Namco Bandai Games is the publisher. It uses the same arcade board from Tekken 6 and the same card system from Street Fighter 4. There's also a live monitor where you can watch four game streams simultaneously. Gundam Extreme VS. is also the first gundam game that gets a HD franchise on the arcade. So expect a high quality gaming experience. On top of that, Linkin Park is the one who sang the official theme song entitled, "The Catalyst". It really shows how big this game is. The game also introduces a new gundam named "Extreme". It's beam rifle is shaped like a guitar and the shield looks like a guitar case. So it's like a rocker gundam. How cool is that? The Extreme Gundam is definitely a great addition to the gundam world.

                   So what makes Gundam Extreme Vs. special from the previous Gundam Vs. games? The first thing you will notice is the the Awakening returns in the form of "Extreme Burst". While in Extreme Burst, the unit's boos and weapon ammo are all recovered. Theres also a buff effect: 1.8x increase in attack and 0.5 increase in defense. Some units also have special attack during Extreme Burst. Another cool feature is the "Next Dash". It lets you cancel your melee attacks with a step, jump or even a shield guard. But each unit can only perform up to 4 cancels. Now lets proceed to the changes made in the system. All units can shield guard and transforming is now faster. Only some units have the assist attack function. The projectile speed has increased, while the overall boost duration decreased. With regards to the actual gameplay, each mobile suit has its own unique route to take on while in story / arcade mode. You also have the option to play with other players. The multiplayer mode has a maximum of 4 players. These are just some of the features that you will like best about Gundam Extreme Vs.

                   Overall, I like how Gundam Extreme Vs. turned out. My favorite feature of the game is the Next Dash. It reminds me of EX Cancel from Street Fighter 4, wherein you can cancel a attack. It's the gundam fight I've been dreaming of. It really takes the series to a whole new level. The gameplay is one of the best when it comes to the fighting system and the graphics is high quality. I would expect nothing less from Capcom and Namco. Hopefully the future Gundam Vs. games would still be made by these two big companies. I also expect more improvements and a bigger roster of mobile suits. I don't have any negative comment for this game since it was properly made. But it would be great if this game would be scattered throughout the world or get a console version. I highly suggest this game not only to the gundam lovers, but also to those who are a fan of Capcom and Namco. This is a game you don't want to miss. Gundam Extreme Vs. is so addicting that you'll play it over and over again. This concludes my review on Gundam Extreme Vs. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful. Check out also my other gundam game reviews.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gunpla Checklist: MSV Gundam

        This is a gunpla checklist for the MSV Gundam series. I made this post to help those gunpla collectors in knowing how many model kits are there in the series and what models are available for each scale. MSV stands for Mobile Suit Variations and they exist from the One Year War in the Universal Century timeline. These model  kits are very old and hard to find in our generation. Your lucky if you see one of these in a gunpla hobby store. There are a total of 23 model kits for the MSV Gundam series.

1/144 (17)
- RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam
- Gundam (Full Armor Type)
- Zaku II
- Zaku Recon
- Zaku Tank
- Zaku Cannon
- Zaku Flipper
- Zaku Mine Layer
- Zaku (Desert Type)
- Zaku (Marine Type)
- Dom
- Prototype Dom
- GM Sniper Custom
- GM Cannon
- Gelgoog Cannon
- Gun Cannon II
- Gouf Flying

1/100 (2)
- Johnny Raiden's Zaku II
- Tropical Test Type Dom

1/60 (4)
- Gundam Full Armor
- Zaku II Black Stars S.P.
- Johnny Raiden's Zaku II
- Gerugugu Cannon


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manga Review: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam - The Steel Seven


Genre: Mecha, Military
Volumes: 3
Original Run: July 2006 - Sept. 2007
Written by: Yuichi Hasegawa
Published by: Kadokawa Shoten

                   Atlast the Crossbone series finally got a real sequel and not like the side stories of Skull Heart. This is the 3rd and probably the final installment to the Crossbone saga. The Steel Seven takes place shortly after the events of Skull Heart. Just when everyone thought that peace was achieved after the Jupiter empire had fallen, a new powerful foe emerges and wants to revive the empire. It's up to Tobia and the Crossbone Vanguards to stop this new enemy. But their power isn't enough. They need to find 7 elite pilots that will control the new mobile suits known as the F99, "Recordbreaker". As you can see that's where the title "Steel Seven" came from. So expect a lot of new characters to be introduce. What makes the F99 special is that it has the Wings of Light, similar to the V Gundam. These new mobile suits will be the key to their success. Of course Tobia's X-1 Kai unit still plays a major role. There are other great stuff to look forward in this sequel other than the cool mobile suits.

                    I like the progression of the story. From the Jupiter Empire's downfall in the 1st manga series, up to it's revival in Steel Seven. It's also great how each Crossbone manga series finishes with an open-ended scene, wherein a sequel is always possible. However, the plot isn't that good. You will most likely know what will happen next. Although, there are scenarios that are surprising. The artwork is almost the same as the Skull Heart manga with some minor improvements. You will notice a change in design of the characters, mobile suits and the background as well. My favorite part of the manga are the battle scenes. I really appreciate the fights between mobile suits. Somehow theres more action and thrill. I also like how the characters matured, especially Tobia. He really grew up to be a great gundam pilot and lead the Crossbone Vanguard. Well, these are the postive and negative feelings that I felt from reading the Steel Seven manga. Thanks to Steel Seven, the Crossbone Gundam became more popular to the gundam fans, especially when it comes to gundam video games and gunpla model kits.

                    Overall, I like the Steel Seven a lot better than the first two Crossbone mangas. It's the sequel I'm looking for in a gundam manga series. I really appreciate the improvements made. The artwork is better and the story is great. The plot may seem predictable, but the intense battle scenes make up for it. I also like the new mobile suits, especially the F99 "Recordbreaker". I do hope it gets a gunpla model kit soon. I'm not sure if this would be the last sequel or a 4th one would be made. But I wish the Crossbone would get an anime version so that more gundam fans will be attracted to this series. Because I noticed some gundam fans doesn't read manga, and therefore they pay less attention to the Crossbone. I totally recommend the Steel Seven to those who have read the Skull Seven and Crossbone manga. If you liked those two, then you will definitely love this sequel. Take note that some manga web sites tagged this manga as inappropriate for minors due to the mild nudity content. But I believe it's unnecessary since most gundam fans doesn't care about that. This concludes my manga review on the Steel Seven. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful. Check out also my other manga and anime reviews.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Monday, July 18, 2011

Manga Review: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam - Skull Heart

Genre: Mecha, Military
Volumes: 1
Original Run: Nov. 2002 - Oct. 2004
Magazine: Gundam Ace, Shonen Ace
Written by: Yuichi Hasegawa
Published by: Kadokawa Shoten

                Crossbone Gundam is a great series and it really deserves to have a sequel. Actually, the Skull Heart isn't completely a sequel. It's a combination of past and future events that weren't shown on the first manga. It also features side stories that are not related to the original storyline. Consider it similar to an anime's filler episode. I do believe that side stories are a great way to make sequels. It's not something you would expect from a typical manga and they add new twists to the series. Too bad the Skull Heart only has 7 chapters. It would have been better if the sequel had atleast 15 chapters. For those who are wondering on why Skull Heart was the title of the sequel, it's named after Tobia' new unit (Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai). You will notice on the X-1 Kai that the skull on the crossbone crest is heart-shaped. The manga focuses on Tobia and how he matured to become a great pilot. Of course expect the other Crossbone Vanguard crew to make a special appearance as well.

                 The artwork definitely improved compared to the last manga. I was finally able to appreciate the battle scenes a lot more. You will also notice the characters and mobile suits became more detailed. There's no real story in the Skull Heart series since the story changes on each chapter. There's no plot either. It's just a side story telling manga. Everything is straight forward. But you will definitely like each chapter and learn a lot from the Crossbone history. Since it's a filler manga, it also introduces new characters that are irrelevant to the original story. Look forward also to new cool mobile suits other than Tobia's X-1 Kai.This are the only things on what the Skull Heart series has to offer. I know it's few. But what can you expect, considering it's just a 7 chapter sequel manga.

                  Overall, the Skull Heart isn't really that great. There are only a few chapters that I like and the rest are already boring. The previous manga is definitely much better in terms of storyline. Although, other people might find this manga amusing. The only thing I love about this sequel is the improvement of the artwork. I'm not going to suggest the Skull Heart manga unless you like side stories. Only a big fan of the Crossbone saga would appreciate this sequel. If you have read through the whole Skull Heart manga, then you might as well read the following sequel (The Steel Seven). This concludes my review on Crossbone Gundam - Skull Heart. Thank you for reading and I hope you found my review useful. Check out also my other manga and anime reviews.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gunpla Checklist: SD Gundam Sangokuden

              This is a gunpla checklist for the SD Gundam Sangokuden series. I made this post to help those gunpla collectors in knowing how many model kits are there in the series. Consider this as the second part of my sd gunpla checklist. You will notice that the mobile suits looked like ancient japanese warriors. They exist only on the sd series and doesn't have any large scale version. But nonetheless it's a fun to collect series. As of now there are a total of 104 model kits for the SD Gundam Sangokuden series. I will update the list if a new model comes out.

BB (97)
#001 - Shin Ryubi Gundam
#002 - Shin Chohi Gundam
#003 - Shin Kanu Gundam
#004 - Shin Koshin Gyan
#005 - Shin Soso Gundam
#006 - Shin Sonken Gundam
#007 - Shin Military Unit Soldier
#008 - Shin Hakugin Ryuseiba
#009 - Shin Kosonsan Ez8
#010 - Shin Sangokuden Trinity Set
#011 - Shin Totaku Zaku
#012 - Shin Ryofu Tallgeese Sekitoba Tengyokugai Sinbu
#013 - Shin Kakoton Giros
#014 - Shin Kakoen Daras
#015 - Shin Shibai Sazabi
#016 - Shin Sonshoko Gerbera
#017 - Shin Sonsaku Physalis Gundam
#018 - Shin Ryuso Ryubi Gundam
#019 - Shin Raiso Chohi Gundam
#020 - Shin Ogaso Kanu Gundam
#021 - Shin Goka Ryuso Ryubi Gundam
#022 - Shin Gurenso Soso Gundam Zetsuei
#023 - Shin Mokoso Sonken Gundam
#024 - Shin Enjyutsu Zssa
#025 - Shin Taishiji Dom
#026 - Shin Joko Serpent
#027 - Shin Shusou Doven Wolf
#028 - Shin Rikuson Z Plus
#029 - Shin Mokoso Sonken Gundam Tengyokugai Doko
#030 - Shin Enshou Bawoo
#031 - Shin Teni Asshimar, Kaku Ashatron, Siege Weapon Set
#032 - Shin Shuuyu Hyakushiki
#033 - Shin Chouun Gundam, Hieisen
#034 - Shin Chouryou Gelgoog
#035 - Shin Ryomo, Kannel Kampfer, Assault Navy Set
#036 - Shin Sangokuden Trinity Set
#037 - Shin Kakuka Virsago
#038 - Shin Gurenso Soso Gundam Tengyokugai Enho
#039 - Shin Koumei Re-GZ
#040 - Shin Kanpei Gundam
#041 - Shin Choko Zaku III
#042 - Shin Shouretsutei Ryuso Ryubi Gundam Ryukiho Tekiro
#043 - Shin Kogai Gouf
#044 - Shin Gurenso Soso Gundam vs Shin Mokoso Sonken Gundam [Battle of Red Cliffs Set]
#045 - Shin Goka Syourettei Ryuso Ryubi Gundam
#046 - Shin Shouretsutei Ryuso Ryubi Gundam Tengyokugai Souryu
#300 - Ryubi Gundam
#301 - Tyouhi Gundam
#302 - Kanu Gundam
#303 - Shibai Sazabi
#304 - Sousou Gundam
#305 - Sonken Gundam
#306 - Ryofu Tallgeese
#306 - Ryofu Tallgeese Sekitoba Tengyokugai (Clear Color Ver.)
#307 - Kakouton Giros
#308 - Koumei Re-GZ
#309 - Kakouenn Daras
#310 - Kanpei Gundam
#311 - Zhaoyun Gundam Hieisen
#312 - Lumeng Dijeh Ganning Kampfer Go Kyosyu Suigun
#314 - Chouryou Gerugugu
#315 - Shuyu Hyaku Shiki
#317 - Shusou Doven Wolf
#318 - Shouretsutei Ryuubi Gundam
#319 - Rikuson Z Plus
#320 - Choko Zaku III
#321 - Bacho Blue Destiny
#323 - Kochu Gundam
#324 - Military Unit Soldier
#325 - Joko Serpent
#326 - Sonshoko Gerbera
#327 - Sohi Gundam
#328 - Hakugin Ryuseiba
#330 - Tensyoryu Komei v Gundam
#336 - Nanpo Kibatai
#337 - Ryuho Gundam
#338 - Shutai Gundam
#340 - Taishiji Dom
#341 - Juniku Gundam
#342 - Kyocho Gundam
#345 - Kyoui Gundam F91
#346 - Teihou Gundam
#347 - Batai Gundam
#348 - Bashoku Gundam
#349 - Sonsaku Physalis Gundam
#351 - Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku
#352 - Senjin Gasshin Shu Gundam
#353 - Yue Jin Gundam
#356 - Kakuka Virsago
#357 - Genbuso Ryofu Tallgeese
#358 - Gengan Gundam
#359 - Ryoto Gundam
#361 - Ukin Gundam
#362 - Tenshiho Shibai Sazabi
#363 - Choho Gundam
#### - Daitaifu Shibai Sazabi
#### - Legend BB Gundam

Sets and Collection (7)
- Soso Gundam and Shibai Sazabi - Battle of Kanto -
- Koumei Re-GZ & Zhao Yun Gundam
- Koumei Re-GZ Shuyu Hyaku Shiki Red Cliff Special Set
- Sonken Gundam & Shuyu Hyaku Shiki
- Kibutei Soso Gundam, Joko Serpent, Sohi Gundam Set
- Asurao Mokaku Gundam, Syukuyu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set
- Gokoshou Gundam Ryukiho Set


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gundam Paper Model

I'm seriously enjoying searching for creative craftsmanship in the Internet that is related to Gundam and I found something really amazing.

At first look, I never thought it was made of paper.

Freedom is really popular huh?

Here's the video on how it was made. 

See compare it to the gundam model, it stands 4ft high.  

Taras Lesko is the creator of this amazing paper sculpture.  It took 175 pages for 500 parts in 2 months for construction.  Wow.  

I can't really say much really.  It's just plain awesome! The color, the details and weaponry is just perfect.

Wow pretty strong paper to be able to hold the wings.  Would love to have that display on my living room too.  

I can't help but stare at it.  Looks like doing origami pays off.  Actually this is far better than the shapes you do in the origami book.

No pets allowed if you ever make this kind of sculpture.  

Paper crafting is great but fragile.  If it gets wet and burned then it's done.  But it takes time, patience and dedication if you really want to finish one.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Gundam Memories: Tatakai no Kioku

Genre: Action, Mecha
Platform: PSP
Language: Japanese
Release Date: June 23, 2011
Developer: Bandai Namco Games

Includes all the latest Gundam series
Play through different modes
Organize your team
Upgrade your MS
Perform a combo attack with your 3 MS
Each MS has it's own unique special attack
Use your SP for buff 
Gundam 00 Raiser in Trans-Am mode
Cool special effects


Gundam series roster
- Gundam Z
- Gundam X
- Char's Counter Attack
- Wing (Endless Waltz)
- Seed Destiny
- 00, Awakening of the Trailblazer
- Unicorn


          Gundam Memories is the first game of it's kind. Consider it as an evolution from the previous gundam action games. If your familiar with the gameplay of Another Century's Episode, this game is pretty much the same. You slash and shoot down enemies with your mobile suit. What makes this game unique is the MS Shift System. This is the first gundam game that let's you take control of 3 MS and switch between them during battle. Meaning you can tag in and out with your reserve MS at anytime. This is a cool function. Especially the fact that you can use a combo attack with your 3 MS. To do this, you need to fill up your SP bar. One bar gives you a buff (Seed, Trans-Am, etc.). Using two bars will make the MS perform it's special attack. While 3-4 bars allows you to do a combo attack with all 3 of your MS. Another distinct feature is that the MS are classified into 3 types: close range, shooter and speed. So you have to plan and adjust your playing style depending on your MS type. Each MS has it's own unique set of attacks. Pressing different button combination allows the MS to execute various chain of attacks.

          There's a situation mode that is divided into 3 titles: Seed Destiny, 00 and Unicorn. These are actual events taken from the anime series. So even if you can't understand japanese, you will most likely know whats happening if you watched their series. The stories are short but can be quite challenging. Once you completed the situation mode, the mission mode will be unlocked. These are scenarios originally made for the game and is not related to the story. Going through these extra missions is necessary if you want to unlock the other MS. Another feature you will see on the main menu is the garage. This is where you will organize your team and upgrade the status of your MS. Of course there's a network mode that allows you to play with other people. In terms of graphics, Gundam Memories is one of the best I've seen on the PSP. You will definitely feel the intensity on each battle. Especially my favorite part which is the dash effect. The sound system isn't that good compared to the other gundam games. Well, this are basically the features of what the game has to offer. Now let's proceed to the verdict.

          The first negative thing I noticed on this game is that there's no crush guard or guard damage. Some enemies tend to block a lot and it's really frustrating. The only option is to wait for a counter attack or perform a special move. Also, the story mode doesn't have any cutscene. There should have been atleast a short cinematic. Another flaw of the game is that everything is repetitive. Almost all of the missions are the same. You just need to survive and defeat all the enemies. Very simple, right? The developers could have made the game more complicated. It's a good thing that these flaws are being covered by the satisfying game features and high quality graphics. Overall, the Gundam Memories is a great gundam game for it's first title. But it could have been better. I could see that the game wants to take the gundam series to higher level. So I'm really expecting a sequel for this game. Hopefully for surprising features and a bigger roster of MS. I highly suggest this game to the gundam fans. You would really want to try this. Gundam Memories will give you a new experience to the gaming world of gundam. This concludes my review on Gundam Memories: Tatakai no Kioku. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful. Check out also my other gundam related game reviews.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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