Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gundam Ice Sculpture

Ice sculpture is the best, one thing I would like to see how it is done personally.  Another added collection in my search for various artistic versions of making a Gundam.

Since it's a hot weather here in my country right now, I decided to post it to cool myself down.  So far these are the ones I find it cool.

Gundam Unicorn is done by Brian Farrell.  This is the first one I've seen with an added touch of color on an ice.  Now how did he put that?

The famous RX-78-2 .  This one is done during the Sapporo Snow Festival last 2010.  How about having it displayed on a buffet table?  

Also part of the Sapporo Snow Festival 2010.  Wow I wonder how long it takes to mold its shape from snow?  Much better than having a snowman display outside your home.

Now we have seen a lot of different gundam models. There's the lego, paper model, recycled, cardboard and the ice sculpture. I wonder what's next?

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