Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recycle Gundam

Do you throw out the part trees and runners after finishing your gundam model kit? Well, this might change your mind.

RG (or Recycled Grade) of RX--78-2 model was constructed over a period of 95 days, taking 250 man hours to complete.  Now that takes a lot of patience and dedication to really build one out of recycled parts.

This is inspired to recreate the classic shooting scene from the Mobile Suit Gundam ending.  Look at the details! It even has vents on the chest part and the "V" shaped at the groin plate.  This model even has fingers.  I don't know how many runners and part trees are used but the craftsmanship is really amazing.  Even followed the standard color of the gundam.

The model stands three feet tall and it was displayed at Dengeki Hobby's Booth at Chara Hobby as part of the 30th Anniversary of Gunpla.

Would it be cool to have it displayed outside your house?  

It just shows that creativity is endless.

I used to hide those runner parts when I first started gunpla.  I thought it was part of the collection heh.  The longer I continued, I realized it just add more pile and decided to just keep the box and discard the parts.  Guess I was wrong! 

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