Monday, March 7, 2011

Gunpla Tutorial: Removing Nubs

                Its quite common to have nubs every time we take a part from the frame. So I would like to share my way on how I remove nubs. The first thing we should do is to take a part from the frame. I'll be showing you different ways on how I take parts from the frame and how I remove the nubs. In this picture I chose the foot part as an example.

Taking parts using your hand
             You can actually take a part from the frame by just using your hand. But I wouldn't suggest doing this on hard frames because you might break the part. Its best to use a clipper or any cutting tool you have. Only use your hand if you are sure you could pull it off.

Taking parts using a clipper
               The clipper is the most common and practical tool to use in cutting parts from the frame. Its easy to use and makes your work a lot cleaner. Its highly recommended to use a clipper every time you build a gundam model.

Taking parts using a scissor
             I found out that scissors can become alternative clippers. They are very useful in cutting parts from hard frames. But I guess this also depends on the type and quality of the scissors. In the picture above, I make use of a bandage scissors. Try and make use of your scissors at home and see if it works.

Removing the nub with a clipper or scissors
            After taking a part from the frame, its time to remove the nub. To do this we'll be using the clipper or scissors to cut the nub. Just be careful not to cause unwanted damage on the part.

Slicing the nub using a cutter or design knife
              After making the nub small using a clipper or scissors, you can use a design knife or cutter to slice off the rest until the surface is smooth and flat. I prefer using a cutter because it cost less and can  perform well as a design knife. Just be careful not hurt yourself.

Nub removed
          There you have it. The nub is now gone. But we're not yet done. Now its time to remove the markings left by the nub.

Nub markings
           Sometimes after cutting the nubs there are leftover markings. I'll make use of the back of the foot part as an example. You can see on the picture above that there are two nub marks. So I'll be showing you some tips on how to remove this nub marks.

Sand Paper
             Some people I know make use of sand paper in removing nub marks. The idea is to scratch the sand paper to the markings until it disappears. But I don't like this kind of method since it damages the surface of the part. Use the sand paper at your own risk.

Scratching the nub marks
              This is simple and easy to do. All you need is a fingernail to scratch off the nub marks. I find this better than the sand paper method. Although there are some marks that couldn't be removed no matter how hard you scratch it. In this case we'll need to use another method.

Remove nub markings with paint
             The best and final method I found in removing nub marks is to use markers or paint. Just apply the paint on the markings to cover it. Make sure the color of the paint is the same as the part. Hopefully this will make the part clean and free from any markings.

Nub markings removed
             Now we're finished. The nubs and markings are now gone. My work is not perfect but I hope it will work for you the way it worked for me. That concludes my tutorial on how to remove nubs. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful. Look forward to my future posts.


  1. Wow, these tips are really useful! I wished I had found this post before I build my Sword Impulse...

  2. I'm glad you find it useful. I hope it will help you with your next gunpla model.


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