Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giant Gundam (Made in China)

Still remember the life-size gundam build in Japan? Well, China is not about to lose to copy the same thing.

This was being erected in Sichuan theme park last December 2010.

We're used to seeing gundam models used the color white and blue, so the yellow thing bothers me.  I wonder why they choose yellow.

But then, China decides to make their own "original" style of gundam.

After its mysterious disappearance, the Chinese gundam returned on January 2011 and it looks like it has its new modifications.

Looks like there are a mixed of familiar elements mashed together in it, huh?

So, it makes me wonder...

                              Zaku + Gundam equals... hmm...



  1. I believe Chakudam (China+Zaku+Gundam)would be a good name ^^

  2. hey nice blog u got here
    are u a filipino?
    and if so..
    can i ask u where i can purchase gunpla's and some rare models so far my gunpla paradise is on some "secret shops" at greenhills thanks in advance
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  3. It's name is Tian-xiang-er-hao but most people call it Chinese Gundam or Sichuan Gundam.


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