Monday, March 14, 2011

Unbox: HG 1/144 - Reborns Gundam


            First of all I like the box art of this kit. It really attracts you into buying it. I want the Reborns Gundam model since I first saw it on the last episode of the gundam 00 season 2. The battle between the Reborns and 00 Raiser Gundam was really intense. What really shocked me was that the Reborns is a back to back mobile suit. Theres the gundam mode in front and the cannon mode in the back. Thats pretty cool and unique for a gundam. Which makes the Reborns Gundam truly worthy of being the last boss in the 00 series.

             Just seeing all this frames makes me curious on how the model will turn out. I have a lot of expectations on its mechanism. I want it to be just like in the anime. I'm already imagining the cool poses I could do with this model. I'm already building the Reborns Gundam and I will post the pictures as soon as I finish the model.

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