Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: HG 1/144 - Gundam 00 Qan[T] Full Saber

               This is the 1/144 HG 00 Qan[T] with the addition of the GN Sword IV to form the full saber mode. Take note that these are sold separately. The GN Sword IV can be acquired by buying the Feb.,2011 issue of Hobby Japan magazine. It cost a bit much, but it's all worth it. I'll be showing you some pictures on what the Full Saber can do.

                 I had a lot of fun making poses with the Full Saber. Thanks to the GN Sword IV, my 00 Qan[T] became balanced and more complete. Back then, the Qan[T] only has the GN Shield hanging on it's left shoulder. But now it has the GN Sword IV hanging on the right. Having a sword and shield really evens out the Qan[T]. Another cool thing about the GN Sword IV is that you can pull out three small beam blades from it (almost similar to Cloud's sword from Final Fantasy 7: AC).

                 Overall, I consider the 00 Qan[T] Full Saber as the best HG gunpla. If you have a HG 00 Qan[T], then I highly suggest you buy the GN Sword IV as well. It's really worth it. Remember that you could also use the GN Sword IV on the other gundams from the 00 movie: Raphael, Zabanya and Harute. This concludes my review on the 1/144 HG 00 Qan[T] Full Saber. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful. Check out also my other gunpla reviews.

Rating: 5 out of 5


Monday, June 27, 2011

Gundam Lego

Have you experienced during your childhood years of building something out of lego? That those pieces of blocks can really turn out into something cool depends on how creative you can get? 

And I thought it was just for making cars, buildings, houses, etc.

So after watching this video.... WOW

credit to torriares

So there are gundam model kits, paper crafts, carton boards and now lego.  This is the reason why it gets so exciting for a fan that you can choose different varieties that suit your taste to build your own gundam out of like anything.  

Another sample, the famous Strike Freedom Gundam

Found this on MOCpages.  Interesting community site where you can share your LEGO creations.  Credit to Mithryl Dlarix.  

-Sliding knee armor
-Cockpit for minifig in chest
-Rotating waist
-Bending toes
-Ability to go into HiMAT mode
-Detachable DRAGOON units
-Hip Railguns fold and rotate behind waist, revealing clips for rifles
-Rifles can be combined into one large rifle. 

I'd like to create this one someday!

There's also the classic RX 78-2 from the creator named GYUTA.  This one can do different postures, it also has 14 hatches which can be opened.

With an added mini pilot

If you want to teach a kid creativity, then buy him/her a lego kit.  

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gunpla Checklist: Gundam Char's Counter Attack

               This is a gunpla checklist for the Gundam Char's Counter Attack series. I made this post to help those gunpla collectors in knowing how many model kits are there in the series and what models are available for each scale. A gunpla collector wouldn't be complete without a single classic model. This is a great series to collect that is appreciated by most people. As of now there are a total of 29 model kits for the Gundam Char's Counter Attack series. I will update the list if a new model comes out.

1/550 (1)
- Alpha-Azieru

1/400 (1)
- Alpha-Azieru

1/144 NG (7)
- Nu Gundam
- Nu Gundam (Fin-Fannel Equipment Type)
- Sazabi
- Re-GZ
- Jagd Doga
- Geara Doga
- Jegan

1/144 HGUC (12)
#83 Jagd Doga (Gunneys Guss Use)
#84 Jagd Doga (Quess Ea Use)
#85 Re-GZ
#86 Nu Gundam
#88 Sazabi
#91 Geara Doga
#92 Geara Doga (Rezin Schnyder Use)
#93 Nu Gundam (Heavy Weapon System Equip. Type)
#95 Hi-Nu Gundam
#97 Jegan
- Nu Gundam (Metallic Coating Ver.)
- Sazabi (Metallic Coating Ver.)

1/100 NG (1)
- Nu Gundam (Fin-Fannel Equipment Type)

1/100 MG (7)
- Nu Gundam
- Nu Gundam (Metallic Coating Ver.)
- Nu Gundam (w/ Clear Kit)
- Sazabi
- Sazabi (Metallic Coating Ver.)
- Sazabi (w/ Clear Kit)
- Re-GZ


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Philippine Toy Con 2011 (June 19)

Toy Con is celebrating its 10th year this 2011 and continues its objective to promote the interest in collecting hobby.

It amazes me how it grows into a large community of collectors, gathering for old time's sake
and of course shopping for rare finds and to add more goodies in their shelves at home.

Age didn't really matter when you attend this convention.  There are kids, teenagers, young adults and even 
parents come along to share the same interest.

So you'll be pretty much expecting that the place will be VERY crowded.  I got there early so I enjoyed taking pictures of what's already in display.  Also, don't forget to save up money when it comes to this event.
You'll never know you might stumble upon something rare plus there are merchandise being sold for a lower price.  If you ever see tons of gunpla model kits on display in every shelf, you can't help but horde.
There are toys which you don't normally seen at the mall, so this is the opportunity to grab one.

So while you stroll around, there's a Minute Pulp Juice and Coca Cola Zero booth to give you unlimited drinks.  There are food booths inside, including Mang Inasal.  

There's also a koi fishing booth. (Sorry forgot to take a picture of that, my bad!) So you'll get to try
a well-known Japanese activity.  I watched kids enjoying their time catching one with a very thin net.

Gundam Display
My main goal in attending the Toy Con are the gundams. There were a lot of gundam model kits on display. Of course there are model kits on sale as well. Although most of them are in their actual price. There is only one booth I saw that sells low priced model kits with a reasonable discount.

Freedom Gundam statue
Gundam 00 in different scales
1/60 PG Gundam 00

Other Toys
Of course there were other toys aside from the gundam model kits. There are figures of super heroes, anime characters, transformers, kamen rider, etc.

Green Lanterns

Kamen Rider heads

Of course, who could forget the cosplayers? My favorite group is the Justice League.  Awesome cosplayers and the Wonder Woman cosplayer is such a babe that most of the photographers wouldn't leave her alone.  Since it's already crowded inside, mostly the cosplayers hang-out outside so I didn't get a chance to see others.

Allen Walker

War Machine

Kamen Rider Ixa

Hope and Lightning
Justice League


Lacus Clyne

Other Attractions
There are a lot of attractions to see in Toy Con other than the displayed toys. There's a panel discussion on stage, band performers, cosplay contest, etc.

Band performers
Panel discussion
History of comics

Other Merchandise
These are some of the other stuff you can buy aside from the toys. There are comic books, stuffed dolls, manga, spoof shirts, body accessories, etc.

Plants vs Zombies 
Chikara Hats!
Stuffed toys
Comic books
Spoof shirts
Sculpyman of Buhawi Studio.  It starts out as plain clay then it's up to you to design and mold it.
It is made out of Sculpy Polymer Clays.

So at the end of the day, despite the crowded place, it's still fun to attend this convention.  Expect to get tired after doing a lot of strolling but with company, you'll surely have fun.  I hope the ToyCon next year will add more attractions and games to be more interactive other than just go shopping and walking around the place.  I'll make sure by that time, I'll bring home a lot of goodies.
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