Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gunpla Checklist: Gundam 0083

                This is a gunpla checklist for the Gundam 0083  series. I made this post to help those gunpla collectors in knowing how many model kits are there in the series and what models are available for each scale. This is a great collection to have, especially if you love the classic gundam series. Theres a PG and a decent amount of MG. It even has some ex models and mobile armors. Every gundam fan should try out these model kits. As of now there are a total of 39 model kits for the Gundam 0083 series. I will update the list if a new model comes out.

1/1700 EX Model (2)
- Arbion
- Arbion (Limited Edition)

1/550 HG Mechanics (3)
- Dendrobium
- Neue-Ziel
- Val-Walo

1/144 NG (7)
#1 Gundam RX-78 GP01
#2 Gundam RX-78 GP02A
#3 Gundam RX-78 GP-01Fb
#4 Gundam RX-78 GP03S
#5 Gerbera Tetra
- Kampfer
- Gundam NT-1

1/144 HGUC (15)
#13 Gundam RX-78 GP01
#16 Gelgoog Marine
#17 Dom Tropen
#18 Gundam GP01Fb
#26 Gelgoog Marine (Cima Custom)
#27 Dom Tropen (Sand Brown)
#28 Dendrobium
#66 Gundam RX-78 GP02A
#67 Powered GM
#74 GM Quel
#105 F2 Zaku (Zeon Ver.)
#107 F2 Zaku (E.F.F. Ver.)
#113 GM Type C
#120 GM Custom
- GM Cannon II

1/100 MG (11)
- Gundam RX-78 GP01
- Gundam RX-78 GP01-Fb
- Gundam RX-78 GP01-Fb (Coating Ver.)
- Gundam RX-78 GP02A
- Gundam RX-78 GP02A (Coating Ver.)
- Gundam RX-78 GP03S
- GM Custom
- GM Quel
- Zaku II F2
- Zaku II F2 (E.F.S.F. Color)
- Gelgoog (Gato Custom)

1/60 PG (1)
- Gundam RX-78 GP01/Fb


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