Monday, April 4, 2011

SD Gundam G Generation World

Developer: Bandai Namco Games
Platform: PlayStation Portable and Wii
Genre: Strategy, Turn-based
Language: Japanese
Release Date: Feb. 24, 2011

Choose a master pilot that will lead your army

Create your own pilot

Evolve your mobile suits

Organize your team of pilots and mobile suits

Travel to different gundam series

Team up with other gundams

Deploy mobile suit units fight your enemy

Each mobile suit has its own set of unique attacks

Gain experience and level up your mobile suit

Strike Freedom's Dragoon System

Strike Freedom (Full Burst)

Combine your attacks

Gundam Sword Impulse

Gundam Unicorn (Destroy Mode)

Sinanju vs. Gundam 00 Raiser (Trans Am)


                   This is the best gundam game I've played so far. Just by looking at the cd cover gives you an expectation on how great this game is. The game teases you at the very beginning. On the 1st stage you will start with the four main gundams of the 00 series fighting against the Sinanju and some other mobile suits. After a while the Unicorn, Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice appears to aid you in battle. How cool is that? If thats not enough, wait until you get through the game where you will travel to different gundam series. What really attracted me into playing this game is that almost all of the gundams, mobile suits and pilots from every gundam series are in the game. From the very 1st Gundam up to the latest Gundam Unicorn.

                    For those who are familiar with the SD Generation series or Super Robot Wars, this game is pretty much the same. As for the first timers, no need to worry because the gameplay is easy to understand. This game is basically a strategy, turn-based type, wherein you will deploy units to fight against the enemy's army. So the difficulty of the game really depends on how you plan and manage your units. My favorite part of the game is where you level up your mobile suits to develop new and stronger ones. An example is the Strike Gundam evolving into the Akatsuki, then going through the Freedom, and finally turning into the Strike Freedom. Aside from developing mobile suits, you can capture enemy's mobile suits to make it your own, combine two mobile suits to form a new one or exchange them for stronger models. Other than the gameplay, another great thing about this game is the graphics. Each mobile suit has its own unique set of attacks and each one of those gets a heavy graphic battle animation which makes your gaming experience more intense. Well thats about it for the game's main features.

                    I don't have anything bad to say for this game. Everything is perfect and it even exceeded my expectations. My only problem is that the game is in japanese and I couldn't understand some part of it. I'm a little disappointed that a great game such as this didn't get any english version. Honestly I'm not a fan of the SD Gundam. But this game changed my perception. It takes the strategy, turn-based genre to a whole new level. I'm excited on how this series will evolve even further. I love this game and I highly recommend you play it too. Its a fun and addicting game. I would also like to take note that this is the Gundam 00 Qan[T]'s 1st game appearance. As a gundam fan I'm sure you don't want to miss out on this. So go get yourself a copy of the game and start playing. Too bad the Zabanya, Harute and Raphael wasn't included. This concludes my review for the SD Gundam G Generation World. I hope you found my review useful. Check out also my other gundam related game reviews.

Rating: 5 out of  5

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