Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam

Model Number: CB-0000G/C
Pilot: Ribbons Almark
Operator: Innovators
Manufacturer: Celestial Being (mothership)
Appearance: Gundam 00 (2nd season)
Armaments: Egner Whip x2
                   Small GN Fin Fang x8
                   Large GN Fin Fang x4
                   Large GN Beam Saber x2
                   GN Buster Rifle
                   GN Shield

Body parts

Lots of panel lining and some gold details in the face.

Thrusters and GN Fangs.

Panel lining with gold paint on the thrusters and inside the GN fangs.

GN Shield, Beam Saber and Buster Rifle

A little bit of panel lining and painted the beam saber with orange marker.





              There are already a lot of mode changing gundams and the Reborns is the probably the best. This is the only gundam that has a back to back mode change: gundam mode in the front and cannon mode on the back. The reborns has only a few equipments: a colorless beam saber, gn shield and gn rifle. Other than that, you get two closed hands for the gundam mode and another two hands for the cannon mode. Since its a transforming gundam, you can expect a lot from its mechanism and articulation. You will also notice that the Reborns is a little bit taller than the other HG models because of its heels.

               The kit comes with panel line stickers which I didn't use because the marker is much better. For details, I added some gold paint to the shield, face and thrusters. I also put some green glitters to the middle thruster for gn effects. I don't have anything bad to say about this model. Its just that the kit lacks some armaments, specifically the egner whip and one more beam saber. If you don't have this kit yet and wondering on what gundam model to buy next, then you should put the Reborns Gundam HG on top of your list. This model kit is so great that Bandai should make a MG or PG out of it.

- There are two sword hilts, so there should also have been two beam sabers.
- The beam saber should have been orange instead of colorless.
- It would have been nice if there was some effects in the kit for the GN Fin Fangs, similar to the dragoon system effects of the HG Legend Gundam from the Seed Destiny series. That would have been cool.
- The Reborns Gundam deserves to have a MG scale.

Rating: 5 out of 5



  1. From what I heard, the ball joints on Reborns' legs sagged really bad after a while. Is this true?

  2. I've heard that the ball joints on Reborns' legs will sag after some time. Is this true?

  3. I'm not sure if its true. But so far I'm not getting that problem with the Reborns.


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