Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dream Wedding for Gundam Couples

Before the gundam was redeploy to a different area in Japan, a wedding company called Take & Give Needs (T&G) offer a wedding package to let customers celebrate their undying love while blessed under the gundam statue.  The package was available last 2009 from July 11th to 26th, with the last date in August 31 when the gundam will be shut down.

So what a perfect way to exchange wedding vows for the lucky gundam couples.
Out of 500 gundam couple fans, this lucky couple were chosen to celebrate the first Gundam themed wedding event for that year.

Both were long time gundam fans of the original series and choose the package to renew their vows.  Being such avid fans they even named their daughter "Seira" after the character Sayla Mass.
Aside from the usual white tuxedo suit the groom always wear in the wedding, this lucky man wore a suit based from Amuro Rei's uniform, the main protagonist of the original series.

Tomino Yoshiyuki, the original director of the series, was present at their wedding.

It's just too bad I didn't get to witnessed such event at that time.  I hope T&G offers again this kind of wedding package the next time I come over to Japan.  Ha! You don't get to see this kind of wedding themed besides Star Trek or Star Wars.

credit to: shibuya246 
source via: Sankaku Complex

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