Monday, February 28, 2011

Life-Size Gundam RX-78-2

Remember back on your younger years where you dreamed of actually seeing a huge gundam or even piloting one when you first watched any Gundam series?

This may be a classic gundam but it's still one of the amazing thing I've ever seen on the Internet.  It was show last June 2009, the fans were excited to wait for the unveiling on July 11 and will remain for public viewing on August 31st.

It may be an old news but I still want to post this amazing structure.

This 1/1 scale statue was built on Odaiba as part of the Mobile Suit Gundam's 30 anniversary celebration.

 I was surprise that it is possible to create a life-size one.

I want to have a chance to even interview these guys for their amazing job on building one.

Nice boosters.  I mean look at the detail.

See how big that thing is.

At night time, it's as if the gundam has come to life.

Kudos to the photographer for a nice shot.

Then on June 2010, this mega structure is being re-erected on Shizuoka with a beam saber.

The smoking effect makes it look more real.  It's like on stand by ready to attack anytime if there's a threat detected on the city.

So this is on my wish list when I visit Japan.  I wanted to see it personally, I hope it's still standing by that time.  I wonder if there's going to be a next upgrade.


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  1. This is awesome. I have never seen one personally. This really cost a lot.


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