Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Century's Episode: R

Developer: From Software
Publisher(s): Banpresto, Namco-Bandai
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre: Action
Language: Japanese
Release Date: August 19, 2010

List of playable mobile suits from different Gundam series:
Gundam Z
- Z Gundam
- Z Gundam Unit 3 (White Unicorn Custom)
- Hyaku Shiki
- Dijeh

Gundam: Char's CounterAttack
- RX-93 v Gundam
- RX-93 v2 Hi-v Gundam

Gundam Crossbone
- Crossbone Gundam X-1
- Crossbone Gundam X-1 Kai
- Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth
- Crossbone Gundam X-3

Gundam Seed Destiny
- Strike Freedom Gundam
- Infinite Justice Gundam
- Destiny Gundam


                    Finally, the ACE series found it's way to the PS3. I thought that the ACE:3 Final in the PS2 would would be the last game of the series. I'm glad to find out the series lives on with ACE: R. The game really deserves to have a continuous series since it's the 1st action game where all the popular robots collide. For those who are new to the series, this is a action game where you take control of robots and fight an army of enemies. It's really easy to understand even though it's in japanese. Each game is special with it's unique set of robots and the ACE: R is no different. Your probably wondering what the "R" stands for. It simply means "Rebirth". It really fits the title, because the ACE series made a huge comeback with it's new line up of robots. All of the robots came from popular animes such as Code Geass R2, Full Metal Panic, Aquarion, Gundam Seed Destiny, and many more. With these power house roster, it's certain that the game's going to be epic. But as we welcome these new robots, we have to say goodbye to the old ones as well. Some of the great robots removed were Gundam God, Master, DX, Turn A and Zero Wing Custom  Another thing I'm happy about is the addition of the trophy.  It really makes the game more interesting and challenging.

                     Now let's proceed to what the game has to offer. One of the great things you will like is the graphics. Every battle and cutscene is breath taking. This game has one of the best graphics I've seen in the PS3. The sound system remains the same style we all love from the previous game. When it comes to the gameplay, it is still the same with some new added features, the chase mode and burst attack. Another new feature is the pilot switch. You can now switch pilots from different robots. Find out for yourself on how it will affect the performance of your robots. As usual you can still upgrade your robots to make it stronger. The setting of the story takes place in a independent timeline. Most of the missions are scenes taken from each of the robot's respective anime show. So expect several hours of gaming as you go through each world. But that's not all. If you want your game to be perfect, you have to unlock some secret robots and finish the extra missions. This concludes the game's main features. Now let's proceed to the final verdict.

                    It's great that the game menu is now in english. It would really help us in understanding the game a lot better. Still, it would be nice if the game got an english version. But we can always search the internet for some guide. The only flaw I noticed is that there's no dlc. Being a PS3 game means a lot of fans will demand for some dlc. There should be atleast a few new robots or some extra missions. Other than that, the game itself is perfect. Although there's  always a room for improvement. That's why I'm looking forward on the series would evolve even further on it's future games. Hopefully, more surprising features and a bigger rosters of robots. Overall, I like this game and my love for the ACE series grew even more. I highly recommend this game to everyone, whether your a fan of robots or not.  Everything you want from a action game is here. This game is worth buying and playing. This finishes my review for ACE: R. I hope you found it useful. Check out also my other gundam related game reviews.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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