Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unbox: HG 1/144 - Strike Freedom Gundam

            I was lucky to see a hobby shop that has a stock of the Strike Freedom HG 1/144. I've been wanting this model for a long time, so I bought it right away. This is my 5th gunpla and my favorite of all the gundams. I want to cherish every moment of my gunpla, starting from the unboxing up to the completion of the model. I thought it would be a good idea to take photos everytime I unbox a new gunpla. This will also help to set expectations on what are the things inside the box.

Underneath the box
               I thought this model comes with a free stand because of the picture underneath the box. It has an image of the Strike Freedom with a stand. I checked it in the manual and there really isn't any stand in the package. But thats ok. What I'm really after is the model itself.

Manual for the HG 1/144 Strike Freedom

Frame for the chest and wings

Gold frames for the hands and joints

Frame for the head, arms, hip and legs

Frame for the feet and dragoons

Frame for the beam rifle and hip rifle

Clear parts for the beam sabers, shield and dragoon effects

My favorite part of the kit are the blue clear parts. Aside from the beam rifles you will also get 2 beam sabers, a well detailed shield, and the awesome dragoon effects. The dragoon effects are the one that makes this kit special because only the HG Strike Freedom has this one. Even the MG and PG Strike Freedom doesn't have this dragoon effects. Unfortunately you will only get 2 effects which will cover 4 dragoons. Which means you'll need to buy another HG Strike Freedom to make the full burst mode. It would also have been better if the beam sabers were red instead of blue.

Just seeing this frames makes me excited in building the Strike Freedom right away. I hope my unbox pics helped you in some way. I will now start in building the Strike Freedom. I will post it right away as soon as I finish the model.

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