Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gundam Mobile Phone

This is what every Gundam fan needs.  Too bad it's a limited edition which came out mid-September 2010.  Of course, the design is inspired by the classic RX-78-2 Gundam.

Check it out.

Not just the phone but it also includes a unique stand and a gunpla of RX-78-2.

The stand is plain awesome.  You might just have it on display rather than using it.

The phone is based on Sharp's new model 945SH.  It has a 3.4 inch (854*480) full-wide VGA ASV LCD, a 1.4 inch (64*192) OLED sub-display, 12.1 mega pixel anti-shake autofocus camera.  It also contains pre-installed Gundam contents which adds coolness to the phone.

The 1/100 model kit is the first one to feature a "Metal in Frame".

The recharger doubles as a display base for the Gunpla which is really awesome.

This is released by SoftBank Corporation, a known telecommunication company in Japan.

Also comes with customized decals.

I've always wanted an anime or game themed cellphone, it's just too bad that once I discovered it, I'm already too late to order one.  
Images from Gigazine 

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