Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gundam Base Taipei

Definitely this is what I call gundam heaven.  I'll make sure to check this place out if ever I'll visit Taiwan someday, so for now this'll be on my wish list.

It did a pretty good job on displaying every model that is made.

Credit to Hsu for the pictures.

If I were a kid on a field trip, this is the place I'll choose to go to.  Every corner is a head turner.  This guy is lucky to have chance to check this place out.  Though I've read that the products are a bit... overpriced.  But if you're here just to take pictures, then it's worth it.

GBT is located at KMall right across the Taipei Main Railroad Station.

Large size gundam statues
Complete gundam model display

GN particles! How cool is that? 

I wish I could visit this place someday. This is heaven for gundam fans like me. I'll search the internet for
more gundam places such as this.

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