Monday, August 8, 2011

Unbox: RG 1/144 - RX-78-2 Gundam

Box cover
Side of the outer and inner box
Unbox  (10 runners, decals & booklet)
Instruction booklet
B - Inner frame


       This is my first time to build a RG and I choose the RX-78-2 since a lot of people are saying that it's more detailed compare to it's other scales. Other than that, I've been longing to have a RX-78-2 added to my gunpla collection and this is the next best thing I could get. It's definitely a great model kit at a reasonable price. You know it's gonna be great by just looking at the pictures of the cover and sides of the box. Inside the box are 10 runners, decals and a booklet. One of the runners even included a small pilot. There are a lot of decals which will prove that this RX-78-2 is indeed well-detailed. So I do have high expectations for this model kit. I'll start building on the RX-78-2 right away. But it may take me some time to finish since I'm busy with work. Still, look forward to it's completion. Thank you for reading my unbox post and I hope you found it helpful. If everything turns out great, I might just put the RG Aile Strike on my next target gunpla. Check out also my other unbox posts.


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