Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ozine Fest 2012

We went to the Ozine Fest 2012 Day 3.  It occupied two megatrade halls which makes up a lot of space but not much merchandise booths compared to previous conventions with not enough space but has a lot of booths.  I guess it still depends on the event organizer.  Although the good part of it is that it's easy to move around the place.

The Gunpla x Gundam.info is holding a web campaign wherein you purchased any of the selected gunpla kits from March 19,2012 to May 31, 2012 and you will get a "Gunpla x Gundam.info promotion campaign" card with a serial number on it.  You input the serial number in the gundam.info webpage to stand a chance to win a prize over 10,000 HKD.  20 1st Prize Winners gets a 6-in-1 Perfect Grade gift set and 60 2nd Prize Winners will get a 6-in-1 Master Grade gift set.  How cool is that! 

We bought a few stuff, even overwhelmed by the half price of most of the gunpla kits and other figures.  

You all might find it silly but it was also our first time to just try out the gashapon machines.  We've attended a lot of conventions but most of the time we're just passing through them.  We just so happens to spot a Kamen Rider gashapon machine and wants to try it for fun.  Luckily, we got ourselves a Cyclone and a mini Henshin Belt DX Double Driver.  So we'll be adding to our list of activities of getting a gashapon for our next convetions. 

Gundam Caravan

Gundam Display 

Kamen Rider Figure Display

Anime & Video Games Figure Display


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