Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Otaku Expo Reload Day 2 (Nov 17 2013)

It's day two at otaku expo reload convention at SMX Mall of Asia. This time, it's not just about cosplaying with your friends and shopping for otaku goodies but to also help out with the victims of the storm Yolanda. 

Otaku Expo set up a donation box at the entrance and there are cosplayers carrying a donation box that says "Cosplay for a Cause" roaming around the area. There's also a toy auction and the money earned will also be for donation. There are some booths participating in donating their earnings. In just a small way, it's already a big help. 

We didn't stay long and just took a few pictures. Thanks for viewing. 

Some stuff we bought. I especially love our Haro coin bank. I'm also going to try to read the book written by a Filipino writer from PSICOM Publishing Inc. and this definitely inspired me again to go back in writing stories.

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