Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas ToyCon 2013 Day 3 (Dec 15)

It's the part 2 of our favorite toy convention that we always make sure to save up for.  A Toy Auction is also being held here and the amount they receive will be donated to the Yolanda victims. It's great to know that there's still continuous help from generous people until this month, so hopefully everyone will enjoy this Christmas.

ToyCon events during June reserves 3 mega hall in Megamall but for Christmas ToyCon, only 2 mega hall is being used.  As you know, malls during Christmas season is always jam packed so expect a huge crowd. We still enjoyed our toy shopping even though we missed some toys during day 1 and day 2, it was worth it. 

I bet some may find it that it's not worth wasting money to buy toys, figures and gunpla kits but you won't understand the essence of it unless you get to know the person who is into collecting toys.  It's simply the joy of finally being able to buy from your own money ever since you were a kid.  Kind of like a trophy to display in your room.  The satisfaction of being able to buy the rarest since you weren't able to get one from the late years.  A reward for yourself for a job well done or being able to save up for it after paying the bills. 

It's the happiness you can't explain, it just feels good especially if you're still a kid at heart.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

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