Saturday, January 2, 2016

Review: Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.3

Oroshi Kirin
Raging Brachydios
Gogmazios (w/ Dragonator at the back)
Black Gravios
Black Gravios (back)
Rusted Kushala Daora
Rusted Kushala Daora (back)
White Monoblos
BONUS: Zinogre (clear ver.)

Just sharing again our new batch of Monster Hunter models. The Plus Vol.3 is a unique set composed of subspecies monsters such as Rusted Kushala Daora, Raging Brachydios, Black Gravios, White Monoblos, Oroshi Kirin and Gogmazios as the main feature of this set. The bonus monster included is a blue clear ver. of Zinogre.

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