Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Unbox: HGBF 1/144 - Neon Bearguy III (San)

We were initially not planning on buying this one. But since we saw it at a discounted price during the Gunpla Caravan and being a fan of the Beargguy series, we instinctively purchased it immediately. We haven't got the original version of Beargguy III (San) yet so we won't be able to compare it. But we're assuming that the contents are the same and the only difference would be the color.

As the name implies, all the parts are neon color. It reminds us of a highlight marker. We're hoping that the color scheme would fit the Beargguy once we finished it. The whole box is color yellow and box size is similar to any average HG kit. Inside the box are 11 runners, stickers for the face and the instruction manual. Each runner has big parts attached to it, you'll especially notice the head part.

We're expecting this to be a quick and fun build so look out for the full review,

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