Friday, December 30, 2016

WIP Part 2 (Chest & Waist): RG 1/144 - Wing Gundam Zero EW (Pearl Gloss Ver.)

Mni vulcans hidden near the shoulders

Just sharing part 2 of our WIP for the RG 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero Custom EW which will show the main body and the hips. Distinct feature on the body is the green core on the chest and there are mini vulcans near the shoulder for gimmick. Sadly, there's no option to open up the cockpit unlike previous RG models. Nothing special with the hips, except the side skirts are articulated and decals are applied.

It make us a while to finish the model since we're busy with work. We'll focus next with the wings so look forward to our next WIP. 

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