Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review: 1/10 Scale Kotobukiya - Rockman Full Action Plastic Kit

This is our 1st time building a non-Bandai and non-gunpla model kit, so this is a new experience for us. Unlike gunpla, there's no need to apply panel lines or extra details. The model itself is already complete upon straight build. Not to mention he's well detailed from head to toe. Its not that hard to build him as well. Any first time or experienced plastic model builder would be able to finish this kit within an hour or two. Instead of stickers, it came with wet transfer decals for the face and E-tank which is unique for a simple kit,

For the features, you'll get 3 faces, 2 pairs of interchangeable hands, 2 beam effects E-tank and the buster cannon. His face can be swapped into 3 expressions: flat affect, happy and angry. While the hands can be interchanged between a pair of closed fist and open palms. Theres a peg for the open palm so that he can hold the E-tank. For the buster cannon, you can attach it either on the left or right arm. Lastly are the beam effects for a normal or charge shot that you can put on the buster cannon.

Articulation has its own ups and down. We were able to do all of his signature move indicated on the box, especially the slide pose. The challenge we've had is that the head, arms and legs easily falls off whenever we try to make a pose out of him. But its not that bad. We've had far worse experience with other models, Another good thing is you won't be needing an action base for him unless you want to make a jump pose. Due to his large feet, he can easily maintain balance and stand on 1 foot a ease.

Overall, Kotobukiya did a pretty good job with this Megaman plastic model kit. The price is a bit higher compare to average HG gunpla models but its worth it since it was able to meet our expectations. It really is a must have figure. We're also planning on getting the Protoman and Roll model kit if we're lucky to find one. Hope you find this review interesting. Thanks for viewing.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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