Tuesday, March 7, 2017

[REVIEW] HG 1/144 - Beargguy F [Family]

Building this model kit was quick and easy since we already had experience building the Petit'Gguy and Beargguys San model kit. So it's like we just literally build them simultaneously with a different color scheme. Although taking pictures of it was really fun. It's like seeing a mommy bear playing with her baby bear. There were 2 interchangeable faces available, so we made use of the sleepy eyes and wink eyes with heart stickers to make cute expressions that are compatible with the baby bear.

Using the backpack, the mommy bear can carry the baby bear at the back. There's also an extra hand for the mommy bear to hold hands with her baby. Unfortunately it's hard to carry the baby on her arms due to weight issues so we weren't able to make all the poses we wanted. But still, we were able to come up with adorable pictures.

Overall, this a great addition for Beargguy collectors and a new experience for those who hasn't tried Bearrguy model kits yet. Look forward for more reviews of future Beargguy and Petitgguy model kits.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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