Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: HG 1/144 - Gundam Nadleeh

Model Number: GN-004
Pilot: Tieria Erde
Appearance: Gundam 00 (Season 1)
Manufacturer: Celestial Being
Operator: Celestial Being
Special Features: Trans-Am System, Trial System
Armaments: GN Shield
                   GN Beam Rifle
                   GN Beam Saber x2 (stored in knees)
                   GN Cannon x2 (from Virtue)

GN Shield, Beam Rifle and Beam Saber (x2)

Green glitters on the chest

Grey stickers on the shoulders and glitters on the head
Glitters on the arm with few panel lines
Black panel lines on the legs
Few details on the back
Long hair at the back

Beam Rifle attached securely on the right arm
GN Shield attached securely on the left arm

I never expected that this model kit would turn out great. I actually had fun building it, especially with the additional details. For a small kit, it has a lot of stickers. It focused on 3 main colors: red, gray and light violet. The light violet is used on the lower body, while the gray is on the upper body and red is used for the shield. For panel lining, I make use of black and gray markers. Then I applied green glitters to the GN cores for sparkling effect. Without the extra details, this model would look dull.

The main feature of the Nadleeh are it's rubber hairs. This is the only model kit I knew that has rubber parts and for me its a wonderful experience. The equipment includes the shield, beam rifle and 2 beam sabers. There's also a clear part that can be attach to the rifle for extra detail. The shield is big and is attached securely on the arms. Nothing special on the 2 beam sabers, but I do like the details made on the handles.

Nadleeh has one of the best articulation in the HG 1/144 scale. All the joints are flexible and can easily perform any pose. The model really excels on it's shoulder and leg movements. Although the head has difficulty in moving because of the hairs. Everything is secured in place and you don't have to worry about any parts from falling. The arms also has small holes for secure attachment of the gn shield on the left arm and the gn beam rifle on the right arm. There's also a clear pink beam part for special effects on the rifle.

The hairs are divided into 5 parts: 1 long hair at the back, 2 sideburns on the head, and another 2 near the neck. They properly attached, but be careful not to tear them when posing the model since they are only made of rubber. Aside from the two closed hands, the kit also comes with an open left hand which maximizes the model's posing ability. I enjoyed taking pictures of the Nadleeh. With it's beam sabers and long hair, the Nadleeh looks like a samurai. I don't have any problems with the model. Although sometimes the hair might become annoying. But it's no big deal.

Overall, the Nadleeh is a great model for a small kit at a low price. I had a lot of fun building the Nadleeh and taking pictures of it. This model is even better compared to other expensive HGs. It has great articulation and posing ability. I recommend this model kit to all gunpla builders. This model kit is definitely worth your time and money, considering it's cheap and easy to build. It's only a matter of taste. Other people don't like the Nadleeh because of the hair. But if you set that aside, you will see that the Nadleeh is a great model. If you do like the Nadleeh, then you might want to get the Gundam Virtue as well to get it's gn cannon. This concludes my gunpla review of the HG 1/144 - Gundam Nadleeh. Thank you for viewing and I hope you find it useful. Look forward to my next gunpla posts and check out also my other reviews.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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