Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Unbox: RG 1/144 Justice Gundam


This is the 3rd addition for our RG collection and my first time to build a RG model.  I'm so excited to finally have this because this is my favorite gundam.  One thing that I know will be challenging for me is applying the small decals. I hope it'll turn out great just like how the RG Freedom was build from the previous review.

There are 11 runners, 1 set of decals and instruction booklet.

I'm worried about the weight issue but I hope it's enough to carry the backpack unit.  There's this picture wherein the Justice gundam stands on the backpack unit, well I hope that it can actually do that.

I hope that there will be less falling or loose parts, it becomes a hassle while getting a decent pose during picture taking.

I may be busy so it might take a while before I post my review.  So stay tuned and thanks for viewing!

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