Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cosplay Mania 2013 Day 2 (Oct. 6)

The sun finally shines today and it was a great weather to attend this convention. We took a lot of cosplay pictures (as much as we can) than the last time we attended. 

It was worth it because we get to meet Goldy for the first time.  Remember the one who did the Strike Freedom cosplay that we posted here? Yes, the one & only. It was amazing to see him up close & learn a few things during his interview on stage. He cosplayed as an Evangelion Unit 00 along side with a Rei Ayanami cosplayer.  It was epic to watch his skit, especially the part where he carried Rei.  The fans cheered when suddenly the lights came out on his costume.  It was awesome!

We even got a free slurpee!

Another fun experience for us.  Enjoy the pictures. "Til next time Cosplay Mania.

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