Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gunpla Tutorial: What is Ver. Ka?

On this topic we'll be talking about the term Ver. Ka in the world of gunpla. What does it mean, where did it came from and how is it different from other models? It's a common word for gunpla fans but is unknown to others. So don't be shy if your not familiar with it. Ver. Ka is short for "Version Katoki". It is a notation used by Bandai to denote specialty models produced by Hajime Katoki.

Hajime Katoki is a popular Japanese mecha designer. A member of the studio Sunrise, he is highly recognized for his work on the Gundam series. The Ver. Ka tag first appeared as a sub-branch of the Master Grade line. Aside from having the Ver. Ka tagline below the MG logo, this models were featured on a characteristic white box.

Nowadays, the Ver. Ka brand has expanded to other premium  products like the Metal Composite line. The main appeal of the collection is that it features units redesigned in the Katoki fashion of high details and use of angles.


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