Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review: Capcom Figure Builder - Monster Hunter Standard Model Plus Vol.2

Shagaru Magala

Plum Daimyo Hermitaur

Berserk Tetsucabra 
Ash Kecha Wacha
Ruby Basarios
BONUS: Kushala Daora (clear ver.)

I know this is irrelevant with Gundam, but I just want to share our new collection. We're a big fan of the game "Monster Hunter" so we decided to start collecting monster figures. What attracted us the most are the details made on each monster. It's like having little monsters in real life.

This set is special because it originally comes with 6 figures with a bonus monster. Each box has an extra part inside that will be combined to form a figure. The monsters inside are Shagaru Magala, Chameleos, Berserk Tetsucabra, Plum Daimyo Hermitaur, Ash Kecha Wacha, Ruby Basarios, and the bonus monster is a clear version of Kushala Daora.

We'll definitely get more of these figures and we're so excited to collect all monsters.

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