Monday, October 26, 2015

Review: NXEdge Style - Strike Freedom Gundam

This is our 1st NXEdge Style model and we're so glad to have another Strike Freedom Gundam added on to our collection. It came in 2 boxes, one for the Wing of Skies effect and the other of course is for the actual model. The scale is similar to SD but is more detailed and well articulated. You could say it's a small version of the Real Grade model. I was surprised to find out it's made of soft and hard plastic with a mixture of rubber.

Inside you'll get 2 pink beam sabers, an extra right hand and a long range rifle (which can't be detached). Sadly that's all the model came with. You'll need to buy the "Strike Freedom vs. Destiny set" separately in order to get the Strike Freedom's 2 beam rifles and 2 clear beam sabers. I'm a bit disappointed with that because those should have been basic accessories that can easily be included together with the model. There are also some limitations that I wasn't expecting such as the rail cannons on the hips can't be flipped open and the dragoons on the wings are not removable. So doing the full burst mode would be impossible for this model.

Let's move on to the best feature of the model which is the Wing of the Skies effect. I really like it's clear blue with sharp edges detail. It takes the Strike Freedom in a whole new level, surpassing other Gundam models. Both the dragoon wings and wing effects are connect to the back via peg. Good thing it came with it's own action base which is good because it would be easier to display and pose the model.

Overall, the NXEdge Style - Strike Freedom Gundam is a model with great details and articulation but has less accessories. It would have been perfect if more features were included. But even though it's lacking in certain areas, it's still worth getting only because of the reason that it has an awesome wing of the skies effect. You'll never get this from other Strike Freedom models. That wraps it up for this model. We're looking forward in getting the 00 Qan[T] for our next NXEdge Style model.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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