Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Review: HGBF 1/144 Neon Bearguy III (San)

Extra unused parts
We just got another addition to our gunpla bear collection. We haven't got the original version of Beargguy San so we won't be able to compare it. But we're assuming that the features are the same and only difference is the color. As the name implies, it's color scheme is a combination of neon yellow and neon pink with a clear orange ribbon at the back. Good thing the outcome is not bad as we thought it would be. It's appearance looked like the Beargguy San was painted using highlight pen markers.

The kit didn't include any armament. But it came with 2 beam effects that you can put either on the hands or mouth. Aside from that there are arm extenders to make the arms much longer. The face can be interchanged between a normal and angry expression. You can also make use of heart stickers to make the model even cuter. There were extra unused parts which we believe are alternative parts for the HG Acguy.

Articulation is minimal due to it's physical limitation and large parts, especially the head. Don't worry because you can still make cute poses out of him. Even the ribbon at the back has some articulation. Speaking of which, the ribbon can be replaced with other backpacks from different HG models such as the Aile Strike.

Overall, this model is great to have and it's something that you want to be displayed. Even though the features are the same, we're planning on getting other versions of Beargguy San because its fun to collect. Thank you for viewing and look out for more gunpla bear posts.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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