Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Review: SD Strike Freedom Gundam

Our Strike Freedom collection just keeps on growing. This time we'll be taking a look at it's SD scale. It looks plain and dull upon straight build, so we did some panel lining and customization to it. For better details, we applied gold marker on the hands, chest  and other parts of the model. Then metallic blue marker on the dragoons for the wings. We also made use of decals that we got as extra from the RG Strike Freedom kit.

Of course the armaments needed some paint job as well. The armaments include a saber, shield and 2 beam rifles. There's also the hip cannon that can be flipped and move to the back of the model which allows the beam rifles to be attached on the hips. Another feature of the beam rifles is that you can combine them to form a longer rifle. Both the saber and shield are plain white. So we applied some beam effects by applying red marker on the saber and metallic blue for the shield. The shield can be attached on either arm. There are also beam saber handles stored on both hip cannons.

Nothing much to expect from the articulation. Its no surprise that both arms and legs has limited movement. But thanks to the armaments provided, you can do a lot of different poses. You won't even be needing an action base to make the full burst mode. Its advantage from other SD models would be the wings. The dragoons can't be removed, the wings can be flipped and spread out.

Overall, the SD Strike Freedom Gundam is better than expected. This one is far superior from other SD models in terms of feature. Its already proven that you'll never go wrong with Strike Freedom models. Depending on your taste, this would only look good if you apply some additional details. We're looking forward on getting the Ex-Standard SD version as well for comparison.

Review: 5 out of 5

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