Monday, May 23, 2011

Gunpla Tutorial: Hobby Japan Magazine

              This is not literally a tutorial, but rather a discussion about gunpla magazines. Ever since I started doing gunpla, I've been curious on this magazines that involves gundam models. I kept asking myself if their useful and if their worth buying. One of this popular magazine is the Hobby Japan Magazine. It just so happen that they release the Feb. 2011 issue together with the GN Sword IV. I really want to get that sword to make my HG 00 Qan[T] perfect. So I was tempted into buying the magazine just to get the optional part. The GN Sword IV is definitely great. But what I want to focus on is the magazine itself. I want to share my personal opinion about it's contents and I'll also be showing some of the pictures inside.

GN Sword IV from the Hobby Japan Mag Feb.,2011 issue

Instruction on how to build the GN Sword IV

Designs of the GN Sword IV

Tips on customizing the GN Sword IV

(MG) Gundam 00 Qan[T]

Modified gundams

Models from the Gunpla Builders series

(PG) Strike Freedom

(Mega Size) Zaku II

SD Gundams


Various events and Gundam Expo

Monster Hunter collectibles

Other mecha figures

Kamen Rider action figures

Video game and anime figures

Sexy model figures

               Sorry if some of the scans were blurry. I tried my best to take good pictures. I have to admit Hobby Japan is genius in selling their magazines. Adding a product together with the magazine is a great marketing strategy. But the magazine itself is interesting. You will definitely learn a lot about gunplas and there are a lot of cool stuff inside. The Feb., 2011 issue focuses on the Qan[T]'s Full Saber. The first few pages shows how to build the GN Sword IV and what are it's uses. While the following pages features model kits from different scales. There are also some modified gunplas. It includes some guide on how to improve your gunplas.

               Even though I couldn't understand the words since its in japanese, I can still appreciate the great pictures of each gunpla model. Other than gunpla, this magazine also features other hobby products coming from Kamen Rider, anime and video games. This magazine is really great. My only concern is the price. Its too much form me. These magazines are fun to collect if you have the money to spend. But if your on a budget and want to be practical like me, you can always surf the internet for scans of the magazine. I probably won't buy another one, unless the issue comes with a package that I want. This concludes my discussion on Hobby Japan magazine. Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful. Check out also my other gunpla tutorials.



  1. Oh my god I'm totally drooling over that magazine. I wonder when we will ever have that in our country. I am na avidfan of japanese figures and this magazine is paradise for me.

    1. We know how you feel. Japanese figures are so awesome and fun to collect.

  2. can i buy this magazine and the sword from you?

    1. Sorry we don't sell. Try checking out a hobby store in your area.


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