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Anime Review: Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Aired: Oct 6, 2007 to Mar 29, 2008
Directed by: Seiji Mizushima
Studio: Sunrise
Licensed by: Bandai Entertainment, Beez Entertainment

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What does it take to stop war? Is it through peace talking or by force itself?

When I first watched Gundam 00, it reminded me a little of Gundam Wing, mainly because it focuses on 4 main characters and their the only ones who has control of the Gundams. But in this series, it still came out differently which makes it interesting. It sets in the future world of our own.

Story - Aeolia Schenberg is the founder of the Celestial Being. Their goal is to eradicate war. The chosen 4 called the Gundam Meisters, along side with their Gundams, use force interventions to stop war-inflicting elements. Then there are 3 factions who each take control of the solar energy which not all are getting any benefits from.

At first, it may be such a drag as you begin taking a glimpse of political conflicts again. I usually get bored in this part but good thing it doesn't take that quite long before the action begins.

The interesting part is that the Gundams may look like heroes who will stop war once and for all, but then it makes you think, isn't it through their way of intervention may look like a contradiction of their goal? As you go along the series, you wanted to seek answers yourself. What is the Celestial Being's main purpose?

Aside from that, you also get another side story of two civilians popping up as the story goes. Lovers? Friends? Are they really an important part of the story?

Art - Well-detailed design for the Gundams, adding those GN particles make it look like it has godly powers. For the characters, well, you can't missed 4 good looking guys although the other one can be mistaken as a girl.

Sound - I didn't had that goosebump feeling when I listen to Gundam music. But there are background music in the series that gives you a dramatic feeling though, which I can't helped but be teary-eyed.

Character - Setsuna F. Seiei, a character that always gives you a flat affect no matter what situation there is. But despite the lack of personality, he's a well dedicated pilot of Exia. Tieria Erde still remains a mystery, aside from having a direct link to "Veda". It seems that Lockon keeps the group together. The development takes midway in the story. Just a small glimpse of what their purpose is in becoming the Gundam Meisters. Also it's not just them that you'll focus on, there are background/extra characters that are quite something to. Like Graham Acre, amazing Flag pilot.

Enjoyment - What I really love in this series, the battle fights. It's so exciting to watch it really. You feel like shouting right at the screen just when you think the 4 Gundams will be caught. Also let me just say, hands down to a series that made me teary-eyed, almost cried actually. One thing that I'll never expect will happen especially if your somehow attached to a character you like.

Overall - It's a great series and how it ended will make you curious for the 2nd season. It's an action packed series that even a newbie gundam fan would love.
I enjoyed the series because there are surprising twist that I never expected, that makes you grit your teeth in frustration or anger towards certain characters. Always be ready that in every organization, there's betrayal. If you're open-minded towards such political views and you have questions as well, then try to watch this. At least, the gundam fights will keep you entertained while you're at it.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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