Monday, July 11, 2016

Gundameister's Gunpla Collection

It's been a while since we started our gunpla hobby and we would just like to share what we've collected so far.

RG 1/144
Strike Freedom Gundam

Freedom Gundam

Justice Gundam

Gundam RX-78-2

HG 1/144
0 Gundam

0 Raiser

Gundam 00 Raiser [Condenser Type]

00 Gundam 7 Sword G

00 Qan[T] Full Saber

Gundam Nadleeh

Reborns Gundam

Gundam Arios

Gundam AGE-FX

Gundam Banshee

Gundam Unicorn


Petit'g Guy Set (Red, Pink, Blue Yellow)


G Gundam

Master Gundam

Gundam Nobell

Gundam Nobell [Berserk Mode]

Gundam Astray Red Frame

Destiny Gundam

Gundam Strike Freedom

Gundam Strike Freedom Ver.GFT

MG 1/100
Gundam Strike Freedom [Full Burst Mode]

00 Qan[T]

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