Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Review: RG 1/144 - Justice Gundam


I requested from my significant other that if I'm going to try my first RG, it would be Justice Gundam since this is my favorite. Also, Freedom & Justice makes a great team up for photography fun.

First of, the armaments include the beam rifle, x2 beam sabers, x2 beam boomerangs, shield and the Fantum-00 backpack. The beam rifle can be stored on the rear skirt while the beam sabers are stored on the side skirt when not in used.  It can be combined into a twin-edged beam saber, known as "Ambidextrous Halberd".  The shield is handheld and can be mounted on the left forearm.  The beam boomerangs can be stored on the shoulders.

Similar to the RG Freedom, the chest part opens up for the cockpit.  I don't like the white piece on the head part, it's a bit off like something is incomplete.  It would be better if Bandai provided something to put on a clear piece.  I like the articulation on the neck since this one can look up when it flies, not the usual left, right & look down.  When the backpack is not attached, the articulation during poses will increase.  Sad that it can only do a few with the backpack on. There's also a downside to this design, the one connecting the top and bottom halves of the Justice.  At first I thought I was missing a part (remembering from previous model kits), the top half just slides down to the bottom half and I can tell you that it's not strong enough to hold together.  It can be easily fix but possible that it might loosen if you move it around.

My favorite part for this kit is the Fantum-00 backpack.  This is a unique feature of the model.  It serves as a flight pack and when detached, it can turn into a separate support unit.  For weapons, it has 2x beam cannons and 2x turret machine guns. The only downside for this backpack (I'm not sure if this affects all the mass produced model kit or just got unlucky) is that one of the turret machine gun is loose. The best part is that there's a peg on the Fantum-00 wherein the Justice can stand on. It snugs perfectly based on the design of the Justice's feet.  I wasn't expecting that it would support well while the Justice stands on the backpack.  Same as during flight mode, there's a piece where you have to pull it out in order to attached onto the Justice & it fits perfectly.  Playing around with the Fantum-00 is fun since there are a lot of movable parts.  Although I prefer it not attached on the action base while the Justice is standing on the Fantum-00, possible off balance.

As for the backpack weight issue, when the Justice is in upright position while the wings are closed & aligned on each side pointing downwards, it can stand on its own without an action base.  It only gets difficult when you have to maintain a certain pose while the backpack is attached. 

Action base is required for certain poses, I took this one from my other HG kits.

True enough it was very challenging for me but I must say, I did enjoy building this kit because of how the structure & design turned out to be.  I also had fun placing all the decals, I was afraid at first that I might lose one but after seeing the result - it was a great achievement.

Hope you enjoyed my review.  

Rating: 4/5

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