Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review: RG 1/144 - Zeta Gundam

Gundam Mode

Airplane Mode

I'm not a fan of the Zeta Gundam, but I was curious to try out this model since it is the 1st transforming RG model. First off, the skeletal system is unique. Unlike most RG models, Zeta's inner frame won't be able to stand on it's own without adding the mid and outer frame. 

It's accessories are very basic that it only includes beam sabers, beam rifle and a shield. There's also a beam effect for the beam rifle. The RG Zeta also has some hidden gimmicks. For instance, the cockpit flips open in the lower chest. There's a peg in both side skirt where you can store the beam saber handles.

Articulation is better compared to other RG models. It has more movable pieces like the feet and skirts. It's a relief that the upper and lower body doesn't split in half like most common RG models do, There are less parts that fall off, except for a few outer frame parts.

Turning the model into plane mode is quite tricky which required a lot of patience. I had a hard time understanding the instruction booklet that I even had to watch videos from Youtube on how to make it transform. After 15 mins. of twist and turning parts, I finally made it into a plane. It doesn't do much while on this mode.The only gimmicks are the wings, cockpit and beam rifle. The kit also came with 3 optional landing gears to make the plane stand on it's own. Transforming it back to gundam mode might be stressful as well. So I've decided to just display it in plane mode.

Overall, the RG Zeta Gundam is a great experience to any RG fan. It would really test your patience.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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