Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cosplay Mania 2011 (Oct. 2, 2011) - Day 2

Cosplay Mania 2011 is one of the most anticipated event of the year, especially to cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts. The event is so big that it occupied 3 function rooms of SMX. Rm.3 was used for the entrance and waiting area. While rm.2 is where the booths are located and some of the activities as well. Lastly, rm.3 is the main area where the cosplayers gather and perform on stage.

Costume Building Contest

Famous International Cosplayers - Clive Lee, Jiaki Darkness, Yuki Godbless and Pinky Lu Xun

Booths and Merchandise

This is the only gunpla booth present at the event

stuffed dolls


figure sets

Gunpla Building Contest
Like in previous convetions, the Gunpla Building Contest is present in Cosplay Mania 2011. This time its the Gundam Red Frame Astray model.

Gundam and Toy Display

Of course the event wouldn't be completer without the main attraction, which is the cosplay. There were a lot of great cosplayers present on the event. That's why we had a lot of fun taking pictures of them. Too bad there were only few gundam cosplays.

Optimus Prime
Strider Hiryu

Warrior of Light
Tifa and Cloud

Kamen Rider Accel

God Eater
Lacus Clyne

Ragna the Bloodedge

White Beard

Black Beard
Vampire Knight
Kamen Rider Black

Kamen Rider Knight (Survive)
Rachelle Alucard
Kamen Rider V3

One Piece

Erza Scarlet and Erza Knightwalker
Dante and Nero

Silver Samurai
Marise Kurisu
Jin Kisaragi
Riku and Yuffie

Zero (Lelouch)

Cloud and Tifa
Kamen Rider Blade (King)
Kamen Rider OOO (LaToraTa)
Kamen Rider Kuuga
Strike Freedom

Although it we were tired at the end of the day, we really enjoyed the event. We were able to see a lot of great cosplays and on top of that, we got the chance to see famous international cosplayers: Clive Lee, Jiaki Darkness, Yuki Godbless and Pinky Lu Xun. We also bought a lot of cool stuff like the vongola ring, customized anime tshirts, miku action figure, FF7 bag, etc. 

The event itself is great since there were a lot of freebies and activities. We received free posters the moment we entered the function room and inside we got free snacks. Most of the activities were held on function room 1. There were a lot of performers on stage. But what we really liked the most is the costube presentation and the skit made by the international cosplayers.

Overall, Cosplay Mania 2011 was a success. The 150 pesos entrance fee was well worth it. We expect more activities and surprises on next year's event. If you like this post, then please check out also our past convention posts and look forward to our attendance on future otaku events.

-Cloud and Tifa (Gundameisters)

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