Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: HG 1/144 Bearguy

Model Number: GPB-04B (MSM-04B)
Developed from: MSM-04 Acguy 
Pilot: Rina Noyama
Operator: Axis Team
Manufacturer: Rina Noyama
Appearance: Gunpla Builders
4 x 105 mm Vulcan Gun (mounted in ears)
2 x Extendable Claws
Beam Recorder/Saber
6-shot missile launcher (mounted in both hands)
Mega particle Cannon (1 mounted in right paw, two mounted in eyes)

This is such a cute gundam and I really enjoyed taking pictures of it.  I never thought of customizing a gundam like a bear is possible.

It was an easy build, you can finish this in one sitting.  As you can see I lost a small piece just above the nose.  I just recently notice it after taking the pictures.  So that's one of the disadvantage when having really, really small parts especially if it's loose.  Too bad it couldn't hold the flute (used for firing the laser in its mouth) and it's only attached to the backpack.  Also, instead of flipping the backpack open for the missiles, you have to detached the upper part.  You can open its mouth too though I was expecting there's a hole inside to attach the flute.  I didn't like the round parts you attached with the shoulder and the legs.  It moves around and doesn't hold in its place.

There are 3 sets of eyes, at first I thought you can switch on either of the three but you can only use one set.  So I chose the cute googly eyes.  I like it when you can turn the ears to add more cuteness to the pose.

As for the arm extension, using it in one arm can be heavy for Bearguy during a pose. (since it was used in one arm in one of the pictures in the box).  Making it equal for both arms is much better.

I really like how a customized Acguy can turn out to be this cute bear.  I don't know how the characters in Gunpla Builders did it but somehow it became an icon for that anime (instead of Beginning gundam).

I might get one of this again to customize it with a different color.  I recommend it to those gundam fans whose still kid at heart.  Sure it might not be that challenging to build but taking pictures of it is the fun part and actually the main reason why I bought this.  Also, you can try painting it to whichever you like it to portray. (like a Panda for example).

Stay tuned for my next post as I take pictures of Bearguy with his new found buddy. 

Rating: 5/5 (because of cuteness)

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