Monday, February 6, 2012

Gundam Bear Buddies: Bearguy meets Pluebear

Hey fellow readers,

So I mentioned about this in my previous post about Bearguy and his new found buddy.  We decided to add this up just for fun (and more cuteness).

Disclaimer: Plue is a character from the anime Groove Adventure Rave and Fairy Tail.  We don't claim ownership to this little cute fellow.  He's just our favorite character from the show and named it after the bear.  We don't own Ragnarok Online emoticons.  We're just borrowing it for fun.

One day, Pluebear decides to build his own bear buddy.

and he was surprise to see how complicated it is to build one!

But the little guy doesn't give up.

He's indeed having a hard time cutting parts from the runners.  Poor fellow. 

After the dreadful week of building his own friend, it's finally here!

Seems like a snobbish little dude.

Bearguy doesn't smile much.

Bearguy: I challenge you to a duel.  

So Bearguy wants to see if Pluebear can keep up with the challenges.

Er... peek a boo? 

Who can crawl the fastest?

Push-ups.  Looks like Bearguy is winning.

Both got tired in the end.

Bearguy: Since it's a tie, I'm giving you another second chance.

The two played rock, paper and scissors.  Looks like Pluebear is good at this game.

Then Bearguy also wants to see if who's got the best backpack.

Missiles or chocolate? You decide.

After that, Bearguy got hungry.
Bearguy:  Gimme that chocolate!

After all the silly games they did, the two became good friends.

 Bearguy enjoys the piggyback ride.

Bye everyone!



  1. Wow that kit took quite a spin on acguy (but still adorable). I am hoping to buy one for my little brother on his bday. Do you know which importer has the best stock at decent price?

    1. Have you checked this online shop


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