Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gundam Car Accessories

These are great gundam items for your car if your a gundam fan whose always on the road.

Comes with 3 different designs: RX-78-2, Zaku II and Gouf

Gundam Ash Tray
Easy to clean out and has LED illumination

Gundam Drink Holder
Attached to the air-conditioner duct of the car

Gundam Cellphone Charger
From the cigar socket power supply of the car, it can charge your cellphone

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  1. I especially like the ashtray. Although these seem to be all based around the same head esque design, is there any possibility of finding more variation in design when it comes to the car accessories? I'm a big Gundam fan.

    1. Unfortunately, these are the only designs that were made.

  2. Before buying an accessory, a car owner has to decide on what type of accessory he is going to buy and at what budget. It is necessary to research about the price and quality of the product in person or in the web since different shop will provide the same product at varied cost and quality.


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