Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: HGFC 1/144 - Nobell Gundam

Model Number: GF13-050NSW
Appearance: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Manufacturer: Neo Sweden
Known Pilots: Allenby Beardsley
2 x Vulcan Gun, fire-linked, mounted in on head
Beam Ribbon, generated by hands
Beam Hoop, generated by hands
Special Equipments and Features
Berserker System
Ultimate Attacks
Bakunetsu God Finger


Nobell's design is inspired of the anime series Sailor Moon.  But don't make this girly looking gundam deceived you, she can be deadly.  I'm used to the usual design of a gundam, usually looks like a heavy clad armor.  This one is more of showing off its feminine side, slim and with poise.

Nobell has a long, yellow hair.  It looked plain so I decided to paint it black inside using a marker.  During the poses, it can be difficult to rotate her head because of the long hair in the way.  A small movement can slowly make it come off.  The kit comes with a set of stickers that can be use for the lining in the front and back of her school blouse, top of the head, neck, ribbon and left leg.  The red sticker for her left leg easily looses its stickiness especially when handling during poses, so its best if you can use a red marker or paint.  It comes with 2 pairs of hands and 1 peace sign hand.  The extra pair of hand is for Gundam God which is used for carrying Nobell.  The closed fist hands is for holding her two beam whip.  The peace sign hand is used when you want to make the Sailor Moon pose which is the Nobell's cute asset.

The main weapons is the two beam whip, you can choose 3 different sizes to be used.  It is best when Nobell is on the stand while using the beam whip, it helps the whip fall freely while the gundam is elevated which adds a cool effect.  It's not that easy to use during poses since it's long but you can use your fingers to help twist the whip and shape it to the form you like.  The kit comes with an extra part which can be use to hold the whip in place in case it gets annoying when tied together.

I'm surprise actually that I can make the Nobell crossed her legs , the stand helped during that pose since it won't be able to sit on a flat surface.

Overall, I enjoyed taking pictures of Nobell gundam.  It's like having a photo shoot of a model where beauty and poise is important.  If you have an extra buck, go ahead and buy this to add for your collection.  If you're familiar with the anime series Sailor Moon then I bet you're going to reminisce whenever you look at this gundam.  Then if you're that creative, you can even paint her Sailor outfit of your favorite Sailor Moon character. This concludes my review of the HG 1/144 - Nobell Gundam. Thank you for viewing and I hope you find it useful. Look forward to my next gunpa review and check out also my previous gunpla posts.

Rating: 4.8 / 5

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