Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unbox: HGFC 1/144 - G Gundam

8 runners, stickers and instruction manual

Stickers for markings and panel lines
E - kung fu hands
PC-000 / PE

SB5 - short and medium sized beam sabers

Just by looking at the box art, I know that this is gonna be a great model. The kit comes with 8 runners, some stickers and the instruction manual. But most of this runners only has few parts attached to them. So I'm guessing it's going to be a quick build. One of the runner even contains only a short and medium sized beam saber, which also shows that it's the only armament of the model. Another very small runner is the kung fu hands. Aside from that, the model also has 4 pairs of hands. Including  clear orange hands for the "God Fingers." There are a lot of stickers and most of them are used for black markings and panel lines. Although I believe few panel lines are still needed from the black gundam marker.

I'm expecting a lot from it's articulation, considering it's a gundam that specializes in martial arts. I'll start building the model right away, so look forward to my full review of the model.

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